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    Online: Campus Promenade in Montreal

    6.5 hours

    You know having an international degree will definitely increase your value and add significant highlights in your curriculum vitae! As one of the best liveable cities in the world, Montreal must be on the top of the ranking list! Here, we've McGill University, University of Quebec in Montreal, Polytechnic School of Montreal, HEC Montreal... You can find useful informations from internet, but do you wanna take a glance at the real campus before you book the expensive flight? I'm here to help!

    FROM$289/ per group
    May W.

    Online consultation/Montreal/Quebec City/Toronto/NYC...

    1 hour

    Wanna escape from daily routine and enjoy the solitude? Why not take a trip? But honestly, travel alone, sometimes is not as easy as we thought, coz we don’t know those cities which attract us day and night. We might drowned in the immense infos online, the most horrible, we couldn’t tell which is true, which is fake or just bragging. Then, why not just ask me? With one hour consulting, you could make out a perfect trip plan, including tips and how to save time and money!

    FROM$49.99/ per group
    May W.

    Online consultation: Real estate investment in Montreal

    1.5 hours

    As one of the most liveable countries, Canada has a reputation of welcoming immigrants, thanks to its safe and friendly society, it’s ranging on the top of the list. Life in Montreal, the second largest city in Canada, is way more affordable and liveable compare to crowded Toronto, and it’s famous for its bilingual ambiance, plus your mother tongue, you and your future generations could possibly speak at least 3 languages! Why not embrace a new life here if could have the chance? Let’s talk!

    FROM$99.99/ per group
    May W.