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Fred Fred United States of America (USA) ( Couple )
2 months ago

“ The best possible tour in Rome !! ”

Alvise as a super cool ,super fun ,trilling tour Will bring you to sight like no other guide will !!! The self driving tour is unbelievable!! You will go around Like a Italian in the street of Rome going around streets where only a Fiat 500 can go Park Italian style at the main attractions A Must do In Rome Ciao!!!

Private Tours

The FIAT 500 90-Min chauffeured Tour

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by Alvise
Discover Rome and its sites by riding 90 min. in one of the most beautiful cars ever made: the Fiat 500! Jump in and enjoy amazing sights from the window s...
1.5 Hours US$ 310 up to 2 people

FIAT 500 self-drive Tour in Convoy

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by Alvise
Enjoy one of the Top 10 great things to do in Rome. Discover the charm of Rome and its sites by riding in one of the most beautiful cars ever made: the Fia...
3 Hours US$ 340 up to 3 people

The 7 Hidden Gems of Rome Tour In a antique FIAT 500

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by Alvise
Tour in a Antique Fiat 500! Emotions, thrills, magic! Enjoy a private FIAT 500 vintage car chauffeured tour, for an exceptional experience with you and you...
3 Hours US$ 350 up to 2 people