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James James Canada ( Couple )
2 years ago

“ Wonderful Aomori Prefecture ”

Miwi was full of life and very energetic about Aomori Prefecture. Unfortunately the weather was a bit snowy and our ship was delayed a couple hours from docking. However, Miwi altered the itinerary a bit and we had a wonderful day with her and our group of 8 from the cruise ship. We visited many great places that would not be possible with a ship tour. We visited Goshogawara Tachineputa with its amazing 23-metre high floats for the August festival. This was definitely a must-see place. We also visited another festival location for the Nebuta Festival to see the difference between the floats and festivals. We also visited Tsuruta bridge in a beautiful setting and a brief stop where apples were being harvested and a chance to try one of their many apple varieties. The highlight of the day was visiting a master swordsman who makes unbelievably beautiful swords that only the rich could consider buying. This is truly an art that needs to be seen to be appreciated. I would definitely recommend Miwi to anyone visiting this area.


Mr.James, I am so happy to hear you enjoyed your day in Aomori. As you have mentioned, I also had been anxious about the weather and the delay of docking. We were lucky that the departure also had been delayed and your taxi was flexible enough that the taxi company also wanted you to enjoy Aomori. Thanks a lot that none of you were bothered by the coldness and snow of the day. I hope I have more chances to show you more Aomori amour country ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و Thanks again to find me through this TripleLights, Miwi