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Ellen Ellen United States ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ We Spent an Amazing Day with Yoshio ”

Our ship had a planned stopover in Yokohama so 8 of us arranged for a day trip to Kamakura with Yoshio. He was extremely punctual and met us at the dock. Having lived in the United States, Yoshio's English is excellent. He also has a great understanding of Japan's transportation network and was able to assist our group in smoothly navigating the system. We saw all of the key sights in Kamakura, with an interesting lunch and a side trip to Enoshima Island. Our day with Yoshi was one of the highlights of our 30-day trip to Japan and each of us would wholeheartedly recommend him as a personable and competent guide. Given the opportunity, we would engage his services again. Thank you, Yoshi, for sharing your knowledge and expertise of Japan.


I really enjoyed a splendid time with you and your friends in Kamakura, and now I miss merry and pleasant faces of you all when you were on a charming local train, "Enoden", or when you ate a Japanese sweets, "Manjuu" and "Kinakomoti" etc. on the street. Many thanks for your kind comments which I sincerely appreciate. Telling the truth, I have much more places to take you to, much more things including traditional festivals, "Matsuri", to have you experience, much more Japanese food and sweets to have you try and so on in order for you to "enjoy Japan." I'm ready whenever you would be back here with your fiends. Stay healthy. See you soon!