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Malvis Malvis Singapore
2 years ago

“ Fantastic trip along the Hongu loop ”

I had the Hongu loop tour with Yoko. Yoko is a very considerate and knowledgeable guide who’s very familiar with the Kumano Kodo. She always provides a quick overview of the route for the next 1 hour to prepare me first, letting me know the elevation level and difficulty of the route, which helped me to be mentally ready. She also helped me to get lunch bento from a famous local hotel, and the Kumano beef lunch box was really delicious! We also chatted a lot and collected the stamps along the way. I learnt a lot more about the history and culture behind Kumano Kodo, and this is exactly what I wanted: a trip with learnings. I will not be possible to complete this trip without Yoko’s help. I’ll definitely recommend Yoko to whoever wish to learn a bit more about this cultural heritage on top of the trekking journey, and I believe you will love the experience Yoko provides.


Hello, Malvis! Thank you very much for leaving me such a great review! I was so happy to share the time in one of the most beautiful pilgrimage routes with you. I also enjoyed chatting with you and learnt a lot about your culture! It was impressing to hear your beautiful Japanese! がんばってくださいね! I hope next time you can complete the Dual Pilgrimage stamps on Kumano Kodo side and get more Goshuin seals. There are lot more to say about the history about Kumano Kodo!! The accommodation who provided us beef bento box, they use fresh local vegetables and home grown rice in fish or beef bento. It always makes hikers to enjoy eating on the trail. I'm happy to hear you loved it! If you can bring your parents or your friends next time, I would love to give you lots of tips about making the most of your stay here!

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②:Experience Dainichi-goe trail with YOKO! (~2hrs. 3.4km/ 2m...

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It's 2hrs walk, relatively steep trail over Mt.Dainichi. Please choose Plan A or B. A: Meet at Kumano Hongu Taisha-mae, take bus(830/1240) to Yunom...
3 Hours US$ 111 up to 8 people

③: Experience ①+② pilgrimage trail with YOKO! (~6hrs,10.9km/...

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If you feel like walking much longer than plan①, let's try plan② too! Get a local bus from Kumano Hongu Taisha-mae @9:20/10:10 to Hosshinmon-oji (460yen/1...
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①:Experience Pilgrimage trail with YOKO! Hosshinmon-oji to ...

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Meet at Kumano Hongu Taisha bus stop. Use Hotel shuttle to Hossinmon-oji (free of charge) or get the local bus at 9:20/10:10 to Hosshinmon-oji (460yen/15mi...
4 Hours US$ 148 up to 8 people