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Joanne Joanne United States of America (USA) ( Friends )
2 years ago

“ Cultural enlightenment ”

Our group of 3 had a fascinating day with Hiroyuki walking the shrines,temples and waterfall of Nachi. The relationship of Buddhism and Shintoism became much clearer to us. He was an expert in explaining the history and significance of the Kudo Kumano Pilgrimage. Additionally he picked a great restaurant for lunch and was very helpful in getting us settled at our hotel. I highly recommend him


First of all, thank you very much for coming to Japan in this kind of situation. I sincerely hope that you had enjoyed not only Kumano but also other places in Japan. It was my pleasure to explain about Shintoism and Buddhism Unite Theory in Kumano. Even in Japan, many of us do not know whether we are Shintoists or Buddhists. And thank you very much for writing such a kind review in the middle of your tour. I appreciate it very much. Say hello to Chris-san and Thomas-san. Looking forward to seeing you again in the future. Hiroyuki

Private Tours

One Day Tour to Mt. Koya from Osaka. Be Enchanted.

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Mt. Koya was established by High Priest Kukai in 816 as a sacred site for Esoteric Buddhism. He was going to express the concept of the Universe on this mo...
10 Hours US$ 206 up to 10 people

Mt. Koya, Kumano and Kumano Kodo Three Days

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Mt. Koya is a sacred site for Buddhism which was founded in India and brought to Japan in the 6th Century. Kumano is a sacred site for Shintoism which is r...
3 Days US$ 496 up to 10 people

Kumano Kodo Hongu Loop and Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine

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Kumano is a sacred site for both Japanese indigenous religion Shintoism and Buddhism. Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes connect ancient capital Kyoto and Kuman...
10 Hours US$ 265 up to 10 people

One Day in Mount Koya. Feel the Sacredness and Holiness

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Mt. Koya was established by Kukai in 816 on a moutain top basin of 800m high as a sacred site for Esoteric Buddhism. Kukai tried to express the world of M...
6 Hours US$ 154 up to 10 people

Overnight trip to Kumano and Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route

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In this tour, we will walk on two of the most popular courses of Kumano Kodo and visit the Three Grand Shrines in Kumano. On the 1st day, we will walk Kuma...
2 Days US$ 382 up to 10 people

Historic Monuments of Ancient Capital of Kyoto

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In Kyoto, there are a lot of cultural properties. Of them, seventeen temples and shrines are included in World Heritage as “Historic Monuments of Ancient C...
8.5 Hours US$ 206 up to 10 people