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Frederick Frederick United States of America (USA) ( Family )
2 years ago

“ Best tour guide ever. ”

Have used many tour guides over the years and Hiroko was the best. Perfect English. Had a very full day in Kyoto. She customized our tour to include meeting us in port in Kobe, arranging the bullet train to Kyoto and then filling the day with all the major attractions. We rode trains, buses, trollies and taxis to get around fast. At the end of the tour at the Torri gates she put us on a train back to Kobe and waited until we were safely on our way.


Frederick, I feel highly honored by your kind and generous review and really appreciate it. You and your family are so nice, and it was my pleasure being your guide in Kyoto. I hope that the tour will become a good part of your memories of your trip to Japan. Please give my warm regards to Karen and Sierra. Sincerely, Hiroko