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Ian Ian United Kingdom (UK) ( Family )
2 years ago

“ A memorable day in Kyoto ”

My son James(24) and I had a wonderful day in Kyoto with Hiroko this week.We visited both some of the major sites but also saw some of the quieter and picturesque parts of the city. Hiroko’s knowledge and enthusiasm brought them all to life in a very memorable way. She also always went the extra mile to ensure we had a great day including a very local lunch of okonomiyaki and at the end of the day insisted on accompanying James to a department store to help him with some desired purchases. Hiroko is a very special lady and we could not have wished for a better guide for our day in Kyoto. Arigato gozaimasu, Hiroko. Our very best wishes, Ian and James.


Ian and James, I feel highly honored by your kind and generous review and really appreciate it. I was so glad to see you enjoying that okonomiyaki lunch. You were actually great to turn okonomiyaki over nicely! James also made me impressed by his knowledge of Japanese history and culture. I really enjoyed being your guide throughout the day. Arigato gozaimasu to you too. All the best, Hiroko