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Leo and Karen Leo Australia ( Couple )
2 years ago

“ 5 hours of charming insight, knowledge and efficiency that brought Kyoto to life. ”

Rick was flexible and accomodating , providing a tour that met our needs very well, adjusting the pace as we went along. Great communication beforehand. The only hiccup was due to my own confusing lack of clarity, which resulted in a nutty destination being included in the planned tour. My wife recognised this midway through and Rick very adeptly made changes and substituted a fantastically explained visit to Koji-ji Castle. Great spoken and written English. Highly recommended.


Dear Leo, Thank you very much for your nice review! It was my pleasure and I had a nice time talking with you walking through the Philosopfer's path, Gion area and so on. There was no problem to change the plan and I am glad that you all enjoyed the castle at the end of the tour. I hope you will come back to Kyoto someday in future. Best regards, Rick

Private Tours

5 hour Kyoto highlights tour plus optional Maiko dinner

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by Rick
By joining this tour, you can enjoy main 3 sightseeing spots of Kyoto in 5 hours. After that you have an option to join Maiko dinner which you can enjoy Ja...
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Summer early bird tour of Kyoto

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This is a 4 hour tour which starts at 7:30 AM (or 8:00) for avoiding the heat in the afternoon. The visiting spots are chosen among the "must see" spots in...
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Extra Day in Kyoto: Explore Ancient Capital

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This tour visits Kyoto Heian Capital museum to see the elaborate display of Heian Capital replica around 8th to 12th century including relics around the mu...
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In Depth Analysis of Nijo castle plus Kyoto highlights

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by Rick
Nijo castle is not just an old castle but it is a great showcase of Japanese art, history and architecture. Kyoto certified tourgude Rick will explain deep...
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Fushimi & Uji memorable tour

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This tour takes you to the two areas, Fushimi and Uji. Both are a little away from central Kyoto and have the specific atmosphere that makes you feel comfo...
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