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Richard Richard Australia ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ Kyoto Tour ”

An excellent itinerary. Went at a good pace. Saw a lot. Mana showed good judgement on what to do, what to explain, and how to get around. Went on around 10 subway trains and buses. Kinkakuji temple and Arashiyama were highlights. As were the special streets in Kyoto one would struggle to find by oneself.


Dear Richard.You are full of positive energy and nice. I appreciate that very much.I could proceed my tour 1.5 times faster than usually. Also, I could enjoy talking to your daughters and son which made me very happy.The weather was very good, but it's winter so you could not see all the beauty of Japan.I am looking forward to seeing you in Japan in spring or autumn. Please come to us again. Thank you.

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Charming and affordable must -see in north west area of Kyot...

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This tour covers 4 must-see sightseeing spot and Nishijin textile center. Firstly, we visit the golden pavilion. We go to Arashiyama. We walk through Tenry...
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The villages of Kouga Ninja, Shigaraki pottery and Sake brew...

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There are many genuine Sake breweries in Shiga. Koka city is one of the two most famous districts for Ninja as well as Iga city. The Ninja house was buil...
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