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Yean Teng Yean Singapore ( Couple )
2 years ago

“ Wonderful and helpful Guide who went out of the way to ensure an awesome 1-day Nagasaki tour for my group! ”

A very polite and pleasant guide with strong command of spoken Enlish. She planned a wonderful one day programme for our group of four. Visits to all places of interest were unrushed, and all questions more than adequately addressed. She was accommodating to our last minute requests, so that we could see the famous Nagasaki night view from Mt Inasaya. To top it all, she even helped to arrange for a wonderful Izakaya dinner experience! She is the only guide I encountered where when the group had to split into 2 taxis - she handed me a small pre-typed out sheet of paper, which stated from my understanding ".... please help to call his tour guide, Yoshiko, at this number (××××) with your handphone ......" just in case we were lost. This was even after she had given the details to the T to out taxi driver! An excellent and helpful guide whom I highly recommend - Ichiban desu!


Dear Yean, It was very kind of you to say so. I was also so happy to visit Mt. Inasa with you all at night and to spend time at Izakaya. Thank you for leaving me such beautiful memories. Please say "big hi" to your members and I do hope to see you again. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan. Yoshi

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A One-Day Tour in Nagasaki

(12) Reviews
by Yoshiko
Enjoy a one-day tour in Nagasaki! Atomic Bomb Museum, Hypocenter, and Peace Park are must-see places. Let's wish for world peace, and vow that such a tra...
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