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Susan Susan United States of America (USA) ( Solo )
1 year ago

“ Loved My Tour with Toshihiro ”

I absolutely enjoyed my tour with Toshihiro. He developed an itinerary to match my interest with history and animals (Hachiko). Since this was my first visit to Japan, Toshihiro met me at my hotel. We used the train/subway to travel around Tokyo. He took me to the old part of the city and explained about the temple and the gods and the shoguns. We also visited Shibuya for the Hachiko statue and the "crazy crossing." We had a wonderful lunch, Shabu Shabu, and then visited two Hard Rock Cafes because I collect souvenirs from the cafes where ever I am in the world. At the end of the tour, Toshihiro took me back to my hotel. I hope to visit Tokyo again and will definitely hire Toshihiro again.


Dear Susan-san, Thank you for the excellent tour review. I also enjoyed guiding you through the various spots in Tokyo. You are interested in history. I explained mostly the uniqueness of Japanese history which would be interesting for American people. You also like dogs, which is a popular pet for Japanese people. Pets shops and animal cafes would also be peculiar items in Japan. You also expressed wide curiosity for Japanese food, life styles, souvenirs and many things. You pointed out the difference of the Japanese Hard Rock Cafes from American ones. You showed me conspicuous elements of Japanese culture. It was great help for me as a tour guide. I hope that you will come to Japan again. Please hire me again as a guide then. Best regards, Toshihiro

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