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Dilip Dilip India ( Family )
2 years ago

“ Tateo san was spot on with everything!!!! ”

Tateo san was at the hotel well before time and that turned out to be a big boon as we could start early and beat the rush at many places. He also got us prime seats at the dance performances at the castle and Eisa show!!! His knowledge and zeal kept us enthused throughout the day and was thoughtful enough to get water and snacks on the go. The most thoughtful thing that he did was to ask us to wait at particular spots as he got the car from the parking lot in a jiffy saving valuable time. Many many thanks Tateo san for a wonderful day tour of Okinawa..... Dilip


Hi, Mr Dilip It was great to be guide such a nice family. I was very happy to learn about India which was always facinated me. I hope I can see the traditional performing arts " Katakari " some day. Your family will always stay behind me, and thank you very much for your good evaluation. Enjoy a fun trip with your family until the end. Thanks Tateo

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Best of Okinawa

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by Tateo
A unique history and culture that related Kingdom era with present times. You can find and enjoy lively Okinawa and time-honored Okinawa.
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The memorial World War 2 & Okinawa World

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by Tateo
This tour will present you the facts of grand battle of the Okinawa The World War 2. Photographes, artifacts, and film will testify cruelty of the war. The...
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