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Juergen Juergen Switzerland ( Business )
2 years ago

“ Visit fish and vegetable market ”

Tateo is a great guide, very helpful and funny. His English is excellent. Highly recommended.


Hi, Mr Juergen There was a lot of first on this tour. (1) It was early at 4am in the morning. (2) Visited fish & vegetable market for "SERI" auction. (3) You were the tallest guest ever I've met. Travel with you and friend was informative for me as well. Thank you very much for giving me such oppotunity and high evaluation. Hope , you can get a good kitchen nife guring your stay. Thanks Tateo

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Best of Okinawa

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A unique history and culture that related Kingdom era with present times. You can find and enjoy lively Okinawa and time-honored Okinawa.
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The memorial World War 2 & Okinawa World

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