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Heather Heather Australia ( Couple )
2 years ago

“ Excellent tour ”

We had a lovely informative tour with Toichi. The day was very enjoyable and we learnt a lot about Japan. Thank you Toichi for a great tour and we highly recommend you as a guide.


Thank you very much for taking a time to write a review, Heather. I was quite impressed that we walked quite a lot and did a lot of thing s within our time together. Hope I was able to help you to understand Japan a bit, so you can enjoy the rest of your trip more. Have fun in Nara and Hiroshima and don’t hesitate to send me messages if you have any questions.

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Nara and Osaka in One Day

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by Toichi
In the morning, we will be visiting Nara, the ancient capital city of Japan before Kyoto. In the afternoon, we will move to Osaka, the vibrant center of W...
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Strolling along the Longest Shopping Arcade in Japan

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by Toichi
Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Arcade in Osaka is 2.6 km long with more than 600 restaurants and stores. It is the longest fully covered arcade in Japan where ...
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