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PATRICK PATRICK United States of America (USA) ( Family with kids )
2 years ago

“ Friendly, Engaging, Informative ”

Chika was a delight. She was punctual efficient and prepared with visual aids. She was able to alter our schedule as needed to accommodate our needs (we had to stop to buy some comfortable walking shoes). She provided us with a vocabulary sheet for rudimentary Japanese expressions.


Hi, Patrick Thank you so much for sending me warm comments. I’m so delighted to hear that. I hope you have a pleasant journey! On the rabbit island I mentioned, Tadanoumi is the name of the port. The rabbit island is “ Okuno-jima” or “Okuno Island” in Hiroshima. You should prepare rabbit feed on your own and take a ferry from Tadanoumi to the island. ( It’s better to arrive earlier, it’s crowded ) Bring your own lunch and enjoy them near the sea would be fun! If possible, You can rent bikes at only one hotel at the island. Speaking of cat island, I recommend “ “Aoshima”, but it’s too far from Kyoto. Anyway, if you’re willing to travel to Japan ( maybe Kyoto, Kobe, Okuno island or so ), please contact me again. Looking forward to seeing you. Say hello to Laura and Sophia. Very best, Chika