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Katharina Katharina United States of America (USA) ( Business )
2 years ago

“ Wonderful Walking Tour in Osaka ”

Hero was so nice and friendly. He welcomed our large group and showed us around Osaka. We enjoyed his guidance and had a great tour overall!


Thank you for hiring me this time. I worried about number of people before meeting. But it was a nice time with same generation guys. See you someday at somewhere! ;)

Private Tours

Kyoto welcome tour

(35) Reviews
by Hero
We go to Fushimi Inari shrine from morning. I will guide and take a photo for you. Fushimi Inari is the most popular sightseeing spot in Japan. So no way ...
7 Hours US$ 315 up to 20 people

Shiga nature tour

(35) Reviews
by Hero
Shiga prefecture is next to Kyoto prefecture. There is the biggest lake, lake of Biwa. And you can see many beautiful mountains and clear stream. I can al...
8 Hours US$ 270 up to 3 people

Japanese foods introduction tour

(35) Reviews
by Hero
I can show you Japanese traditional food and local food at Nishiki market and downtown after hearing your preference. Let's explore Kyoto foods together!!...
3 Hours US$ 90 up to 15 people