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Susan Susan United States of America (USA) ( Couple )
2 years ago

“ Outstanding Tour Guide ”

Masahiro Yoshida served as our personal tour guide during the Osaka portion of our trip to Japan in October, 2019. After spending some time in Tokyo with another guide, we relocated to Osaka and used that location for day trips to other cities. Masa did a great job as the following text will attest. First, Susan selected Masa after watching video presentations by more than fifty certified guides. In the videos, Masa’s English language skills were superior to most of the people who Susan evaluated. While neither my wife nor I speak any Japanese, our in-person experience later confirmed that we clearly understood Masa and he clearly understood us. In addition to being a professional Guide, Masa uses his command of English as an interpreter to serve Japanese companies desiring to interact with companies around the world. This experience has exposed Masa to many cultures and enables him to listen carefully and respond thoughtfully in conversation. I have physical challenges as I have difficulty walking stairs. Prior to our trip, Susan corresponded with Masa who did his best to identify locations for ramps, escalators, and elevators. This is a real concern as not all subway and train stations in Japan are handicapped accessible. Also, ongoing construction in a number of these locations meant the elevators were out of service. I recommend the various guide agencies consider offering scouting services in advance of the trip as a chargeable item, as it will facilitate much appreciation on the part of physically challenged customers. Another item to note is Masa’s flexibility in terms of hours and places visited. He worked with us to adapt the itinerary to the weather and our preferences. Not all the guides Susan corresponded with were willing to change their published itineraries. Masa was able to educate us about Japan in an environment that is warm, professional, and generous. He is able to speak about Japanese history and current events in a very engaging manner. If you are in need of guide during your visit to Japan, Masa Yoshida is a terrific resource and should be seriously considered. -Leon Roomberg


Dear Leon-san, Susan-san. How are you? I hope your trip to Japan had completed without any problem and filled with many delights. I really appreciate for your warm review for me. I'm happy to know that I could help you to have good experiences here in Osaka. I've learned a lot from you and Susan-san while we were together here. The experience with you is much more than just doing the guide with the guests, but like exploring and discovering about our town and the life here again. I will keep trying to be a guide as good as you kindly mentioned above. Hope I can have a chance to see you in your city sometime. Thank you and Btrgds, Masa

Private Tours

A perfect original tour of OSAKA made with you.

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Let's make your exciting and unforgettable memories in OSAKA together! Please let me know your time schedule, interests, places must visit etc. I will ...
8 Hours US$ 366 up to 8 people

Osaka, An amusement play ground of indoors for kids!

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Why don't you make your kids happy and excited in OSAKA? Let's spend you time for your kids, and it will make you all happy too.
5 Hours US$ 277 up to 8 people

One day tour to NARA, the ancient city of the world heritage

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Impressive one day tour to the ancient capital, the world heritage, NARA.
8 Hours US$ 366 up to 8 people

Osaka, a short tour, Cup Noodle museum

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Do you know? The Instant noodle and Cup Noodle were invented in Osaka by a man from Osaka. Let's visit the museum of Cup Noodle.
4 Hours US$ 241 up to 8 people

Kobe, a short tour, visiting Kobe Animal Kingdom and contaci...

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Let's visit Kobe Animal Kingdom. This is a unique zoo, not just showing the animals. The main purpose is contacting with them.
5 Hours US$ 286 up to 8 people

Osaka, a short additional tour, Hozenji & Ukiyoe Museum

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Will you go to Dotonbori-area? Why don't you add more exploring in the back streets of Dotonbori? You will be surprised with its quiet and peaceful atmo...
2 Hours US$ 152 up to 8 people