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Claudio Claudio United States of America (USA) ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Knowledgeable, conscientious, very nice gentleman! ”

He crafted an itinerary specific to our desires, kept us on time, was very knowledgeable due to his foreign relations background, simply an elegant, educated, and kind man. I would very highly recommend him, and I’m planning on engaging his services again when we go on a longer trip to Osaka and Kyoto.


Claudio san, I was very lucky to have met such a nice couple like you as the first customer on TripleLights. And thank you very much for posting the great review and for everything during the tour. I showed you just a very small part of Osaka. There are a lot more to see in Osaka, Kyoto, Koyasan and Kumano. How about macha parfait in Kyoto next time? Please say hello to your family for me. Thank you very much once again. Looking forward to seeing you two again.

Private Tours

One Day Tour to Mt. Koya from Osaka. Be Enchanted.

(4) Reviews
Mt. Koya was established by High Priest Kukai in 816 as a sacred site for Esoteric Buddhism. He was going to express the concept of the Universe on this mo...
10 Hours US$ 247 up to 10 people

Kumano Kodo Hongu Loop and Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine

(4) Reviews
Kumano is a sacred site for both Japanese indigenous religion Shintoism and Buddhism. Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes connect ancient capital Kyoto and Kuman...
10 Hours US$ 318 up to 10 people

One Day in Mount Koya. Feel the Sacredness and Holiness

(4) Reviews
Mt. Koya was established by Kukai in 816 on a moutain top basin of 800m high as a sacred site for Esoteric Buddhism. Kukai tried to express the world of M...
6 Hours US$ 186 up to 10 people

Overnight trip to Kumano and Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route

(4) Reviews
In this tour, we will walk on two of the most popular courses of Kumano Kodo and visit the Three Grand Shrines in Kumano. On the 1st day, we will walk Kuma...
2 Days US$ 459 up to 10 people

Historic Monuments of Ancient Capital of Kyoto

(4) Reviews
In Kyoto, there are a lot of cultural properties. Of them, seventeen temples and shrines are included in World Heritage as “Historic Monuments of Ancient C...
8.5 Hours US$ 247 up to 10 people

Kumano Kodo Daimon-zaka and Nachi Waterfalls

(4) Reviews
Shintoism, a religion unique to Japan, is rooted in nature worship. People feared and worshiped nature, which brings both blessings and calamities to them ...
10 Hours US$ 318 up to 10 people