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Maryla Maryla United States of America (USA) ( Friends )
Very Good
2 years ago

“ Very enjoyable, relaxing tour of Tokyo thanks to our guide ”

We really enjoyed our tour of the city with Toshihiro as our guide. He is a very nice person, polite, courteous, professional and very patient. He was punctual. He met us at the lobby of our hotel, which was very convenient for us. We just arrived a day before still fighting a jet lag and since this is our first visit to Japan we were not familiar with the city at all. Toshihiro made the sightseeing stress free for us and we saw much more than we would have, trying to do it on our own. He tried to answer all our questions and never rushed us while sightseeing. He helped us with exchanging our JR vouchers for actual tickets and with booking the reserved seats for our upcoming round trip to Takayama for few days. He accommodated our request to see East Royal Gardens after visiting the Royal Palace, which were not on the tour schedule. Despite of taking additional time to see the garden he still showed us everything that was originally planned. He suggested lunch at the appropriate time and even offered to pay for his own lunch, which was very considerate of him. He also thanked us. We appreciate his thoughtfulness and good manners. I am mentioning this cause on one of our subsequent tours with a private driver/guide we had lunch almost 7 hours later from the time we were picked up, which was much too late and we were starving, the guide took it all for granted and never even bothered to say thank you. We were very happy that we hired a guide otherwise we would have been lost in the city with a wonderful but overwhelming subway system. Toshihiro did a very good job for us. At the end he put us on the right subway line so we returned to our hotel without any problems. Big Kudos and thanks?.


Dear Maryla-san, Thank you for the detailed tour review. I am relieved to hear that the Tokyo tour was very enjoyable especially as you suffered jet lag. This was your first visit to Japan but you researched well about Japan. You got Japan Rail Pass and traveled effectively in Japan including traditional city Takayama. I think that you made very clever travel plan. In Tokyo area, you requested me to add Imperial Palace East Gardens in the itinerary. You understand the Japan's history well. It was an excellent customization to add one or two area you researched into the standard Tokyo tour course. You walked quickly in the Tokyo tour. You didn't mention any additional requirements to find a restaurant for lunch. You helped me to visit important sightseeing spots in time. Owing to your great cooperation, I could do the tour guide smoothly for you. Thank you again. Best regards, Toshihiro

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