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Alison Alison United Kingdom (UK) ( Family with kids )
2 years ago

“ Excellent family tour in Tokyo ”

We had a fantastic tour with Fumiko and would recommend her as a guide for anyone looking for an experienced and personable guide in Tokyo. We asked for a tour that was a mix of old and new Tokyo and that was varied enough to keep our young family interested (kids aged 8, 6 and 4 years old) and she planned it perfectly. We visited Meiji shrine and she taught us how to follow the rituals and pray which the we all really enjoyed - leaving our prayer board hanging in this beautiful shrine was very special. It is super hot in August so Fumiko scheduled a stop for ice cream at a lovely quiet spot and whilst there taught the children some origami and then joined them throwing their newly made paper planes which they loved. It was so nice of her to get involved with the children and they really enjoyed her company. We went on to see some shopping streets which were great fun and she knew hidden spots to show us - the basement shop where all the toys are in capsules was enjoyed by us as much as the kids for it’s novelty, and we bought souvenirs at 100 yen shops. Rainbow cheese toast also went down well with the family and was perfectly timed for another short break. Lastly we visited the busy crossing in shinkjuku and had a go joining the thousands of people that cross each time the lights change. Again Fumiko knew a hidden quiet spot in the train station to show us the crossing in action from above before we ventured over. As a guide Fumiko has excellent English skills and a vast knowledge of Japanese culture and history. She was very patient with the endless questions from our curious 8 year old and took the time to listen and answer him. She was also incredibly well prepared - she had even pre-visited our hotel to make sure she knew exactly where to drop us off at the end of the tour. She somehow managed to time it perfectly so that we fitted everything in the time allocated but never felt bored or rushed. She was conscious of keeping us together in the busy areas but gave us the right amount of space to enjoy activities. Thank you Fumiko for sharing a wonderful day in Tokyo with our family! We wish you all the best and will enjoy continuing our origami practice!


Dear Alison, Thank you very much for your review. I also had a very good time with your family. Your children were so lovely and behaved well. Before starting the tour, I was a little bit worried, whether such small children could enjoy Meiji Jingu Shrine and very crowded Takeshita Street. They might have got tired as we had to walk a lot. I dinnot need to worry about it. They walked a lot and all your family members eojoyed everything in the tour such as beautiful senery of the forest of Meiji Jingu Shrine as well as Shirine itself, Origami, 100 yen shop, cupsel toys and raimbow sandwiches, which made me very happy! I hope you will enjoy the rest stay in Japan and see you again some day in the future. Best regards, Fumiko

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