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Ghia E Griarte Ghia United States of America (USA) ( Family with kids )
2 years ago

“ Excellent personalized tour of key Tokyo sights ”

We love Akira! We had most of our family of five traveling for the first time to Japan (3 adults and 2 kids). Our original full day plan with Akira was: Tokyo SkyTree, Asakusa (Sensoji Temple), Imperial Palace. I asked him about the other options such as sumo wrestling and fish market which was meant for another time. He was quick to respond to all of my questions via email. The night before, Akira emailed and said there was a possibility of seeing a sumo stable if we met earlier, so we did. Akira met us at our hotel and we traveled by metro. August is one of the hottest months and that day was no exception with 90+ degree Fahrenheit and high humidity. Akira's English was not only superb, but he can speak with sophisticated nuances in English that we all understood and felt very comfortable in conversation. We asked a lot of questions and we greatly appreciated his candor and openness about Japanese customs and culture. By the time we got to Asakusa, my 13 year old son was having a melt down due to the unbearable heat. As a result, Akira suggested that rather than the Imperial Palace, we do an indoor activity that might better appeal to the kids and avoid the hot blazing sun. He gave us several options and we opted for Tokyo Edo museum which had interactive displays for kids to understand the Edo period. The kids as well as the adults enjoyed it. We wish we could have spent more time with Akira on another day. Perhaps next time we're in Tokyo!


Dear Ghia, Thank you so much for the great review. I am so happy that you enjoyed the day. That was the day that good things happened though it was unbelievably hot.... We could meet the wrestlers though we were bit late for observing their training. Ramen restaurant was less crowded (I felt relived when I witnessed resurrection of Lazarus in that restaurant). I think it all because you are all blessed people with happy vibes. I was so happy to be a part of your wonderful time in Tokyo with your loving family. I am looking forward to having another chance to explore the city together again. Sincerely, Akira

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