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Monika Monika United States of America (USA) ( Family with kids )
2 years ago

“ Akira, the best first glance of Tokyo!! ”

Akira is a kind hearted gentleman and patient even during the barrage of questions we launched at him. Akira took us all over Tokyo, my family and I saw Tokyo in seven hours. He cracked me up and had a jolly attitude and a positive outlook on things. If anyone came close to being awesome it is Akira!


Dear Monika, Thank you so much for the great review. It was my pleasure to be a part of your first full day experience of my loving city and I am very happy that you enjoyed it. It was so much fun for me too, to spend time together with warm hearted, curious, and jolly people like you and your wonderful family. I am hoping that you all have a great time for the rest of the Japan trip and hoping that it will be memorable one for all of you. I am looking forward to another chance to explore this city together again, maybe next time we can visit Yanaka where we couldn't cover this time. See you next time. Sincerely, Akira

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