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Stéphane Stéphane Canada ( Couple )
2 years ago

“ Great half-day bicycle ride around Tokyo ”

What a great experience! We contacted Yoshihisa while we were in Tokyo and told him what we had already visited on our own. We had done the Sky Hop Bus and visited quite a bit on our own using the Metro. We wanted to see Sumo and lesser known spots. He offered two options, one by e-assist bikes and one walking tour. We picked the bike tour and did not regret it even if we don’t regularly ride bicycles at home. With their electric assistance, the bikes were fast and easy, even in small hills. Yoshihisa had prepared a tour that started and finished at Tokyo Station, close to our hotel. We started at 7:00 in order to catch Sumo practice that finished at 8:00. Even if we watched from outside the stable, the windows and door were open and we had a clear view and heard them. Some even went outside to stretch. We then headed to a beautiful Japanese garden where we took a relaxing stroll while talking with Yoshihisa about history and life in Japan. The highlight of our tour was a stop at a local Buddhist Temple where we took part of a ceremony. 30 minutes of prayer, fire and drums. We felt we were part of the intimate daily life of Tokyo and there was no way we would have done that on our own. We cycled through neighborhoods, including a stop in the old island of Tsukuda-jima, went through Ginza and made a stop at the Japanese Diet (parliament) on our way to the Imperial Palace. We biked around the grounds of the palace which made for great photo ops. We unfortunately ended out tour with a flat tire. Yoshihisa was ready for every eventuality since he even had a tire repair kit with him but we decided to take the Metro back to our hotel since we were heading back to Tokyo Station anyways. Yoshihisa was flexible, resourceful, very knowledgeable, easy to understand in English and just great to be with. We recommend him for a visit that will make you see different parts of Tokyo. Arigato Yoshihisa!


Thank you Stéphane for all your generous words. I am pleased that my recommendation was gladly accepted by you and you enjoyed it. Indeed, I too enjoyed a lot this fresh morning tour with you. It was a great honor and priviledge for me as a guide to be with persons like you, with thoughtfulness and so much passion to know about Tokyo. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation to start earlier than the original schedule, a minor change of timeflame therafter, and above all the flexibility and patience shown at the end of the tour. The buddhist ceremony was impressive Indeed, and I felt greatly rewarded by your interest which was way beyond tourists eyes, and was more a real approach to the spirituality of the local people. The chant at loud of a person behind us added an accent for us of the ceremony. Thank you again for giving an opportunity to share this great moment together and taking your valuable time for the review. I trully hope that we will have another chance to see and further explore the charm ot Tokyo toghether again. Yoshihisa

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