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Sue Sue United States of America (USA) ( Couple )
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2 years ago

“ Cancelled tour? typhoon! ”

He cancelled tour due to typhoon. Promised full refund. Waiting to hear from you. I’ve also emailed. Cannot pay for no tour!


Dear Sue, My deepest apology for your inconvenience. The promise I made will be fulfilled soon. Whole procedure for full refund has been taken sometime because the typhoon occurred in the middle of holiday studded weekend (Monday, October 14 is national holiday). Our customer support personnel will work for that from tomorrow for sure. Forgive my asking you for your understanding about my decision of cancelation. I still believe that the decision was right since operation for transportations, subway and surface trains etc.., in the city next day of the typhoon were actually far limited than many people imagined which will be fatal to my tour (walking tour using public transportation). I will promise you again that the price you paid will be fully refund. If you have another chance to come back to Tokyo and need a guide, I will be happy to be the one for you. Again, I am very sorry for your inconvenience. Sincerely, Akira

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