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Stephanie Stephanie Singapore ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ Great outing at the Maid Cafe! ”

Naoko-san was wonderful - from specially arranging our schedule then meeting us at the cosplay studio where we were; she also waited patiently for us to finish and then took us to the Maid Cafe which we really wanted to experience. It was definitely a must do when in Akihabara...oddly wonderful and it's just one of those classic Japanese experience we had to have. We couldn't have done it without Naoko-san as it can be quite complex and wouldn't have been the same if we navigated on our own. Thank you so much Naoko-san! It was fun hanging out with you and learning about Akihabara!

Private Tours

Tokyo public transportation and `Depa-chika` (food section o...

(3) Reviews
by Naoko
The public transportation in Tokyo is well established, but it is too complicated at the same time. I will help you to buy tickets, and show how to take t...
2 Hours US$ 59 up to 5 people

Tokyo tour with children

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by Naoko
It's a common world matter that children tend to be bored attending the ready-made tour. What does he/she like to see? What does he/she like to eat? Ple...
7 Hours US$ 275 up to 5 people

Akihabara ANIME shops and maid cafe

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by Naoko
Akihabara, famous for electric shops, said to be the mecca of ANIME, Japanese animation or manga. We will visit some anime shops and a maid cafe.
2.5 Hours US$ 98 up to 5 people