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Eily Eily Canada ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Excellent day with a fantastic guide. ”

The guide that we picked was sick with the flu and at the last minute Triplelights came through with a substitute and that’s how we met Maru. Being in a city like Tokyo is like being a fish out of water. We’ve travelled all over the world and there’s nothing quite like Tokyo. We knew that we needed a tour guide but we did not want to go with a big “one size fits all“ type of tour group where you waste time waiting for stragglers who show up late. We needed to get a two days worth of sight seeing in one day and the only way to do it with a private tour guide. Maru took us to see visit the following sights:- Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Sky Tree Tower, Tsukiji fish market, Shutoku sushi for lunch, Gonzalez (visited a second hand store “Brandoff” and Bunmeido for coffee) and Shibuya Scramble crossing. We did not want to have a “run of the mill” type sushi and we knew that there were places that only locals who knew the “lay of the land” visited. We asked Maru to take us to one of these specialty sushi joints and she did not disappoint. She introduced to a “back alley” sushi bar that has only 11 seats at the bar and maybe two small rooms in the back. It was nothing to look at but boy oh boy was the sushi ever soooo good. The fish was the freshest we’ve ever tasted The fish was alive this morning and it’s on our sushi plate at lunch this afternoon. We’ve never eaten sea urchin in our lives and was afraid that it would be awful. BUT, it will be our most favourite food now. The sea urchin melted like ice in our mouths. It had a cool and refreshing clean taste. And in an instant it was gone. The chef did not rush the lunch session and took his time preparing the sushi. Lunch took over an hour and we had ten pieces of sushi.....but it was the best and tastiest sushi we’ve ever had. Out of ten, this sushi was a twenty The only problem will be that we can never go back to regular sushi again. :-(. and we would never have seen this hidden gem without Maru. We could go on and on about our day with Maru but our advice to you is to just book her for a day and we promise you that it will be the most memorable day in Tokyo for you and your family.


Eily, thank you for such a detailed review! I think it was miracle to meet you and Zoltan. I’m glad to know that you enjoyed the sea urchin. There are about 400 shops and restaurants in Tsukiji fish market, but it’s difficult to find a good restaurant. The buyer of that restaurant is one of the greatest sushi chefs. That’s why I thought you’d love the taste. However, first trial to new food is challenging. I’m very happy to know you really liked it! Also, the second miracle happed today☆You came down from the ramen restaurant when I was waiting for today’s client. It was so happy to see you again in Tokyo! I believe I can see you again? Thank you for coming to Japan. Please enjoy the rest of your stay and have a safe cruise! ? Best regards, Maru.

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