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Caroline Caroline Sweden ( Family with kids )
Very Good
2 years ago

“ Sumo morning practice - fun and interesting! ”

Kaoruko picked us up at our rented house. We experienced morning traffic on the trains, packed as sardines we arrived to Ryogoku. We visited one of the sumo stables and attended a morning practice. It was very interesting and fun. After the practice we where going to visit the sumo museum but sadly it was closed. We went to Asakusa instead and Kaoruko followed us there and helped us to find out where we could buy a karate suit for our son, much appreciated! We really recommend this tour if you are curious about the sumo culture!


Thank you for your nice review. I forgot to look for two plants names that we found at the little gardent park next your rented house. One pink flower tree which looks like plum flower is a Japanese quince or Bokeh flower, Boke in Japanese. The other white flower is Mitsumata, means three-pronged fork. Mitsumata is used as a material for making traditional hand-made Japanese paper or Japanese paper and is known as a material for Japanese bank note. I hope that you enjoyed visiting the other part of Japan other than Tokyo too!

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Early Morning Sumo Practice in Tokyo and the Sumo Museum

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by Kaoruko
In this tour you will be able to: • observe sumo practice up close in a Tokyo Sumo stable • visit the Sumo museum in Kokugikan
4 Hours US$ 173 up to 5 people

Traditional Edo Komon Printing and Tokyo Sky Tree

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Experience traditional Japanese craft and modern Tokyo. First we will experience Edo Komon, a traditional Japanese craft. Guests will print their own lun...
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