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Gary Gary Singapore ( Family )
2 years ago

“ Memorable 4 days in Tottori ”

I had a great time and memorable trip in Tottori with Hiro. I visited Tottori Castle Ruins, Tottori Sand Dunes, Mount Mitoku, Misasa, Kurayoshi, Hokuei (aka Conan Town), Mount Daisen, Sakaiminato, Hakuto Shrine, and even Miho Shrine in the neighbouring Shimane Prefecture. These were more places than what I initially planned for. Hiro ensured that I was able to see what I wanted to see before giving his recommendations to great places that I was not aware previously. Hiro was also flexible as I requested to switch around the itinerary due to unfriendly weather in one of the days. Thank you Hiro-san for showing me around Tottori, helping me to take pictures and videos, bringing me to eat good food, and teaching me how to navigate the local bus system. I look forward to have you guiding me again when someday I will visit Okayama prefecture.