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Morenike Morenike Morocco ( Family )
11 months ago

“ Very Enjoyable Time ”

Being out on vacation for the weekend, some of our previous plans got cancelled, so I was seeking out places to do some last-minute worth while activities in place of what we had lost. I had contacted Mustapha the morning of the camel ride, and he responded to me within the next two hours about availability for the same day, which is NOT easy to get, depending on your ability to network. We set up a time for the same evening (which Mustapha suggested, in order for us to catch the sunset in the area), and he was a very kind and wonderful guide. The camel ride with transportation to and from our location in Marrakech was around 2-2.5 hr, but we spent an entire hour mounted on the camels, being led by a walking guide. The hour was definitely a good amount of time spent on those huge animals! He walked with us the entire time, giving information about the Dromedaries, and other insightful things about the Palm Grove area and Berbers including the village that we were able to pass by. He took FABULOUS photos of us, some of which we were shocked to see, and was very kind hearted in his treatment of us, as well as our driver who drove us all to and from the groves. If your are concerned because of the website (which I understand, it was initially off-putting for me as well, being that I didn't know which sites were and were not trustworthy), I definitely want to encourage you that you will have a very nice time on this tour and with this guide. The groves are lovely and if you can get an evening tour (we arrived a bit too early for sunset), or are looking for an alternative to an all-day trip that offers camel riding, I would certainly recommend!!

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