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Shibuya-Harajuku-Shunjuku Highlights Tokyo Tour!

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by Ai
The tour hits some of the core elements of contemporary Japan as well as showcasing bits of Japanese traditional culture and history. I am flexible and we ...
7 時間 ¥ 23,000 4人まで people

Aesthetic Setagaya with a Local

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by Ai
Take a relaxing urban walk and find your own hidden gems along the Setagaya Line, one of a few existing streetcar lines in Tokyo. You must fall in love wit...
3 時間 ¥ 9,200 per person

Koenji Subculture Walk with a Local

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by Ai
Koenji was once a small town, located outside of the main metropolis area of Tokyo, but it has grown over the past century, albeit quite differently than t...
4 時間 ¥ 12,000 8人まで people
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都市 Hakone , Kamakura , Kanagawa , Tokyo , Yokohama

言語 English ( Business ), Japanese ( Native )

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