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Kimono tour in Kyoto

by Maru
Mainly I have been guiding in and around Tokyo, but I took my clients to Kyoto this week after the tours in Tokyo and Hakone.  Kyoto served...

Valley in Tokyo

by Maru
I guess many people think Tokyo is full of buildings and no natural spots.  Actually, there is a beautiful hiking place in Tokyo and its j...

Photos in Hakone

by Maru
☆January 30th, 2020☆   It was very good weather in Hakone. We visited a volcanic area named Owakudani. Luckily, we were able to see Mt...

Hokokuji temple and Shirasu bowl in Kamakura☆

by Maru
Kamakura is a city where Samurai emerged in the12th century.  There are many tourist spots. Today’s request was “ bamboo temple!” This t...

Cycling tours in Tokyo.

by Maru
☆March 15th, 2019☆ 〜8 hour tour 〜 9:00  Hotel pick up  9:30 Tsukiji outer fish market  10:30 Rent bicycles  12:00 Lunch at Asakusa...

Fish market, Akihabara, Meiji Shrine

by Maru
Tour with an American family.  We went to Tsukiji fish market.  Their choice for lunch is here. It’s their first time to use chopstick...
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都市 Chiba , Hakone , Kamakura , Narita , Saitama , Tokyo , Yokohama

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(95) 口コミ
ー時間あたり料金 4,350 JPY 料金 5人まで
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