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Cities where I can guide: Kagoshima

Languages English ( Business ), Japanese ( Native )

(11) Reviews
Hourly rate 46 USD Price up to 8 people
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Hi! I’m a licensed guide living in Kagoshima. Please call me Miki ! Now I’m working as a guide and an interpreter. And I have a certificate for medical interpreter. I love to meet new people.
In my town Kagoshima, threre are abundant nature and places where you can experience unique local culture. My favorite place is Mt. Sakurajima. It’s one of the best active volcanoes in the world. From observatories, you could feel its energy and, moreover if you are lucky, it will erupt in front of you!
If you are interested in history of Japan, here is the right place to visit because..... oops, I’ll tell you the story when we meet!!
I’m very flexible and cheerful. And I’m very happy to arrange a tour for you and customize it according to your request!! So please leave your message to me and feel free to ask me if you have any questions or specific requests before you come.
I’m looking forward to seeing you here Kagoshima!! Can’t wait!!


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Private Tours

Feel Energy and Life on Mt.Sakurajima

Feel Energy and Life on Mt.Sakurajima

(11) Reviews
by Mikiko
Mt.Sakurajima - one of the most active volcanos in the world - stands in Kagoshima, Japan. On this online tour, you visit there by ferry and visit a museu...
1 Hour US$ 36 up to 10 people
online experience: Furoshiki Lesson & Stroll Historical Area

online experience: Furoshiki Lesson & Stroll Historical Area

(11) Reviews
by Mikiko
Furoshiki is a square shaped cloth which have been used in Japan since long time ago to wrap items and carry them. This is a super sustainable wrapping too...
1 Hour US$ 36 up to 5 people

Kagoshima Highlight tour (Senganen garden & Mt. Sakurajima)

(11) Reviews
by Mikiko
1)Senganen Japanese garden  →  2)Mt. Sakurajima
8 Hours US$ 334 up to 5 people

Ibusuki Unique Experiences tour

(11) Reviews
by Mikiko
First destination is Natural Sand Steam Bath. After taking a very unique bath nowhere else you can experience, we go to Somen Nagashi fine noodle restauran...
7 Hours US$ 585 up to 8 people

Chiran Highlights tour

(11) Reviews
by Mikiko
The first destination is Chiran Samurai Residences and gardens. Those gardens are nearly 270 years old and open to public now. After having lunch, you hav...
8 Hours US$ 669 up to 5 people

Kagoshima Satsuma Pottery and Whisky tour

(11) Reviews
by Mikiko
In this tour, you can enjoy both old and new culture of Kagoshima. First you visit kiln of Satsuma Pottery and see the beauty of the pottery and craftsman...
5.5 Hours US$ 451 up to 8 people

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Reviews ( 11 )
Natsuko Natsuko Japan
3 weeks ago

“ I will definitely visit Sakurajima. ”

She was very well prepared, even for questions. This is a very interesting tour for everyone, people with interest in nature, science, food, photography, or onsen. The tour was enjoyable, well organized, informative and persuasive. Mikiko gave clear explanations in fluent English. She has a good sense of humor. I will definitely visit Sakurajima!


Dear Natsuko, Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I really appreciate it!! I’m very happy to know you like it. Please come and stay on Mt.Sakurajima with your friends and enjoy the energy of the volcano ^ ^ Best regards, Mikiko

Janet Janet United States
1 month ago

“ Great communicator and tour! ”

We recently did the “Online experience: Furoshiki Lesson and Stroll Historical Area” with Mikiko. We have a unique connection to Kagoshima in that we have a dear friend who lives there. Ayano was a foreign exchange student who stayed with us in the summer of 1987. Ayano is the person who does the Furoshiki lesson and she is a Kimono master. Mikiko is super easy to communicate with both online (written communication) and on the virtual tour (verbal communication). The Furoshiki lesson was learning how to utilize the ancient custom of using squares of cloth to wrap items and carry items. Mikiko translated as Ayano demonstrated and I now know how to wrap a gifts that will amaze my friends, since I’m not known to be very crafty! Our walk to the Kagoshima Castle was quite nice. I loved l... read more


Thank you, Janet! I'm very happy to have you this virtual tour and reunion of you and Ayano! When you visit Kagoshima, I would be definitely happy to take you many interesting and cultural places with teacher Ayano!! Let's take a walk in Kimono with a furoshiki bag! I'm very looking forward to meeting you some day in the near future!!

ian Ian Australia ( Solo )
1 year ago

“ local research ”

I had Mikiko undertake some research for me in the Kagoshima area . Her English is excellent and she had valuable local contacts . She kept me well informed . I was really happy with what she did for me . Thanks


Dear Ian, Thank you for such wonderful review! I’d like to show my appreciation for giving an opportunity to have such a fascinating job. If you have a chance to come to Kagoshima, please let me know and guide you to places which are related to this research. Best wishes, Mikiko

john John United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Great Tour ”

We had a great tour with Mikiko. We saw the garden and the volcano erupted for us. I'm short of internet minutes or I would write a lot more. I highly recommend Mikiko as a guide.


Dear John, Thank you for the great review! That was perfect timing to see the eruption of the volcano! I’m so happy to know you enjoyed it. I hope your trip continues safely and you and your friends have fantastic time! Thank you very much for having a tour with me. Best regards, Mikiko

Molly Molly United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Great day in Kagoshima ”

We had a fantastic day in Kagoshima with Mikiko-san. She took us to the beautiful Sen fan en Gardens, then to a wonderful lunch in downtown Kagoshima; her English is excellent she’s very pleasant, well-informed, and charming. It couldn’t have been better! Highly recommended!


Dear Molly, Thank you for such wonderful review!! I’m very happy to have a tour for you! It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the view very much. And I’m very happy to know you like the lunch in downtown. I hope you bring fun and wonderful memories in Japan back to your country ! And someday please come back to Japan!! Thank you for choosing me as a guide. If I have another chance to do it for you, I would be very thrilled!! Best regards, Mikiko