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Lovely kimono experience

by Toshiyo
My guest Ed has three beautiful granddaughters. We walked around the towe of Yasaka . Then headed for Arashiyama, Kinkakuji and Fushimi Inar...

The oldest wooden temple Horyuji

by Toshiyo
This is the oldest five stories pagoda in the world. It was built in 6th century. On the first floor there were clay figures. They are origi...

Animal lovers

by Toshiyo
We went to owl cafe in Arashiyama. I t was amazing. We could pat many kinds of owls softly. 

Indian family

by Toshiyo
If was a very hot day. On July 24. I took the 10 Indian family members including old couples with hard to walk. To Kinkakuji and Nijyo castl...


by Toshiyo
Today we had calligraphy at my house near Imperial palace. We wrote many paper.   This has been very hot in Kyoto so activities inside the ...

Japanese cemetery

by Toshiyo
CIf you climb up to Fushimi Inari Shrine you can see more sacred and peaceful section. My. Inari is a sacred mountain loved and respect for ...

Kyoto Imperial palace

by Toshiyo
This is at Kyoto IMPERIAL palace garden. Very pretty garden and it has traditional buildings. For free.

Daruma temple

by Toshiyo
This temple is very old and has lots of different kinds of Daruma dolls. Much less crowded and no entrance fee. I t is a must to visit.

Osaka castle

by Toshiyo
Today was a cold day but I went to Osaka. I took Hankyu train from Kyoto Karasuma to Umeda. Then by subway I went to Tutenkaku.100 m tall to...

Kimono experience

by Toshiyo
We went to Arashiyama. Kinkakuji Ryoanji and then Kiyomizudera. In the way back we had an hour but Cho wanted to try on kimono. So over thei...

Japanese cooking

by Toshiyo
We mada Doll sushi Norimaki clear soup and prawn tempura. We enjoyed Japanese cooking.  We learned Japanese dashi. Soup stock. Yuko is a co...

Old kimono and painting shops in Kyoto

by Toshiyo
Solomon from USA is interested in old kimono. His aunt boy this Samurai worn kimono. It was made in late Edo period. Kyoto has many old uniq...

Two days in Kyoto

by Toshiyo
On the first day we went to Nijyo castle, kin Kakuji temple, Arashiyama and then Fushimi Inari shrine. On second day we went to Sanjusangedo...

Noodles at Omen in Gion

by Toshiyo
On October 3 I had two couples as customers. They kindly came all the way fro Kobe port and we visited Fushimi Inari shrine and Kiyomizedera...

Spring in Kyoto

by Toshiyo
Cherry blossoms are blooming. Fushimi Inari splendidly bamboo forest 

Memorial trip

by Toshiyo
We had good authentic ramen near Nijo station on the way from Nijyo castle to Arashiyama.  At the bamboo forest it was warmer than outside....

December Kyoto

by Toshiyo
Although it is cold in Kyoto, it is worth walking around  less people Kyoto. We can enjoy the quiet and peaceful time.On sunny day we visite...

night tour

by Toshiyo
Toji temple was beautiful at night. 

Tentyuji in autumn

by Toshiyo
My guests from Germany.

Tea ceremony at a private house

by Toshiyo
I had tea ceremony with Alice and Peter from Austria at my friend’s house. 

Kyoto in autumn

by Toshiyo
We saw the typical wedding ceremony at Yasaka shrine at Gion. I saw beautiful autumn leaves at Tofukiji temple. This garden is amazing with ...

Nijo castle

by Toshiyo
I visited Nijo castle and saw beautiful leaves. I ran into the Japanese wedding ceremony. 

Cool bamboo forest

by Toshiyo
This summer in Kyoto has been very hot but bamboo forest in Arashiyama was cooler 

Enryaku-ji Temple

by Toshiyo
Enryaku-ji Temple The head temple of the Tendai-shu sect established in 788 by Saicho, a Buddhist monk and ambassador.The temple consists o...

Mimurodoji Temple and Hidrangea

by Toshiyo
Mimirodoji full of Hidrangea The garden is full of flowers all year around,especially hireangea are beautiful in June. There are about 1000...

Uji Byodoin and tea soba

by Toshiyo
https://triplelights.com/japan/tour/kyoto-by-toshiyo-145  Uji Byodoin, the World Heritage Site Byodoin Temple was built by the Regent, Fuj...
I can guide in Kyoto,Nara Osaka Koyasan and Shiga. I can also take guests to Kouyasan . I can also guide you in the evening.
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