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Published "The Best 20 of Japanese Casual Dishes"

by Masato
I have published an e-book titled  The Best 20 of Japanese Casual Dishes from Amazon.com. Price is only US$ 4.00.-. You can enjoy Japanes...

● BOOK: "ABC to VISIT JAPAN" will be released soon.

by Masato
I, Masato, National Tour Guide of Japan, am writing a unique guide book about Japan in English, which will be released soon.General guide bo...

Animal Cafe

by Masato
An animal cafe is trendy in Tokyo, Japan. Cafes of Small animals, including cats, hedgehogs, chinchillas, and birds like owls, are available...

●Book: Rich experiences of Veteran Tour Guide

by Masato
I published a book recently and on sale on Amazon.com.I wrote it in Japanese, and the English version is not available at the moment, unfort...

◆ Rugby World Cup 2019

by Masato
Its a vortex of the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. IRE lost 14-46 to NZL in the evening on Oct. 19. Fortunately, I, Masato, a National Tour...

Difference between Wagyu and Kobe beef.

by Masato
Do you know the difference between Wagyu and Kobe beef? Masato Niitsu, a friendly National Tour Guide, has details.     We Japanese eat dai...

Book the guide and hotel Now!

by Masato
I, Masato Niitsu, a National Tour Guide, recommend booking the tour guide and your accommodation in Tokyo, right now, for not missing to see...

Trendy Izakaya Tour in Tokyo, Don't miss it.

by Masato
Izakaya tour in the evening is top-rated for the tourists from overseas. I, Masato Niitsu, a National Tour Guide, planned the walking explor...

Is Shinto religion mysterious?

by Masato
Do you know the Japanese original religion? I, Masato Niitsu, a National Tour Guide, have details. Shinto is the indigenous religion of our...

● Trash box in Japan

by Masato
When you will visit Japan, you cant find a trash box very easily. I, Masato Niitsu, a National Tour Guide, explain details. The reason wh...

Japanese teacup without a handle

by Masato
Most cups, which the Western people use every day, have a handle.However, the Japanese one hasnt. Why? I, Masato Niitsu, a National Tour G...

Tip Custom in Japan

by Masato
  People say that no Japanese in the service industry receive a tip. It is incorrect.It is unnecessary to tip to people who are a worker of...

Rainy season in Japan.

by Masato
Were currently in the middle of our rainy season in Japan. In Japanese, we call it Tsuyu. It starts from mid-June and lasts until mid-J...

Mt. Fuji, 1-day Spectacular Tour from Tokyo

by Masato
One of the FAQ by tourists from overseas to me, Masato, a National Tour Guide, is just wanting to visit Mt. Fuji. I guess they have the desi...

Top 20 Must Visit in Tokyo

by Masato
   One of the TV stations in Tokyo broadcast in November 2018, Top 20 places to visit in Tokyo which is very popular among tourists from ove...

Japanese Characters

by Masato
We Japanese use daily four different character sets of Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and Romaji.Pictures show a Japanese newspaper. Yellow part...

Japanese breakfast for senior couple

by Masato
● Breakfast for a senior couple, ha, ha, ha, for ourselves.    I would like to show you a casual home breakfast for our senior couple one d...

Book Capsule Hotel in Japan. Clean, Comfortable and affordable

by Masato
If you were one of my close friends and have only limited budget touring in Tokyo, Japan, I, Masato, a National Tour Guide, strongly recomme...

Sashimi and Sushi.

by Masato
Can you tell the difference between sashimi and sushi? Sashimi is a sliced raw fish and shellfish. Sushi is an oval seasoned rice ball, bit...

Taxi is very convenient and reasonable fare in Japan.

by Masato
When exploring in Tokyo city area, using subway is the best way although most tourists from overseas use a taxi or your own car in your city...

Japan is a very safe country.

by Masato
● Japan is a very safe country.      Figures tell you the fact. It is often said that a lady is safe in Japan even if she walks in midnight...

Do you Know which is which ?

by Masato
Here are five illustrations to present typical Japanese traditions? Have you ever seen one or two of them? Can you guess who among them is ...

Ninja who ? Samurai who ?

by Masato
Do you know the difference between Ninja and Samurai? I brought two tourists to Samurai Museum yesterday in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Armors, real ...

You can enjoy the Kabuki with affordable price.

by Masato
Kabuki is representative of Japanese traditional performing theatrical art along with Noh, Kyogen and Bunraku. You can enjoy it at several ...

My best recommendations to eat in Japan

by Masato
I, Masato, a National Tour Guide, would like to recommend casual Japanese meals which are very popular among young people here in Japan. The...

Best timing to view Sakura, Cherry blossoms, in Japan

by Masato
Cherry blossoms, we Japanese call them Sakura, is well known as one of the popular sightseeing points among foreign tourists.It is a nationa...

Group tour of 31 children

by Masato
   I, Masato, a National Tour Guide, had time to handle a group after a long time. They were primary school children, teachers, and their fa...

Two Brain surgeons.

by Masato
I, Masato, a National Tour Guide, was very surprised. Because I guided a couple from America to Tokyo and Kyoto, the husband was a brain sur...

Fantastic Kyoto with local food and people.

by Masato
     In early July 2017,  We, I and a couple of American, middle age generation, explored around in Kyoto. I, Masato, a National Tour Guide...
1) When you would like me to guide another cities such as Kyoto, Nara and Osaka than listed above, you are cordially requested to pay the followings;
- my round transportation to the area,
- accommodation in the area and meals in addition to the guide fee.
2) Your booking should be done basically before ten days of the first guiding day.
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