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Cities where I can guide: Aomori , Iwate

Languages Japanese ( Native ), English ( Business ), French ( Business )

(10) Reviews
Hourly rate 39 USD Price up to 8 people
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Traducteur-interprète né à Aomori en 1967, je vous fais découvrir ma belle région natale.
J’ai fait mes études littéraires à Tokyo et à Montpellier, et j’ai vécu presque vingt ans dans les pays plus ou moins francophones : en France, en Algérie et au Congo. Je travaillais en tant qu’interprète pour les projets de construction. De retour au Japon, j’ai obtenu le certificat national de guide interprète pour les touristes francophones.
Le gouvernement n’était pas trop enthousiaste pour accueillir les touristes étrangers auparavant, mais il a désormais changé de politique, et on constate aujourd’hui une grande affluence de touristes notamment des pays asiatiques. Pourtant, le nombre des touristes francophones reste très peu à part dans les régions de Tokyo et de Kyoto, les zones urbaines par excellence. Toutefois, il n’y a pas que de grandes villes dans ce pays. Le Japon, c’est aussi la nature et la campagne. La région du Nord-Est (Tohoku), dont Aomori est une des villes représentatives, garde bien le côté rural qui reste assez méconnu aux touristes étrangers. C'est une région charmante bien qu'elle soit délaissée par le développement industriel et qu’elle soit d'un point de vue caricatural un pays des laissés-pour-compte.
De toute façon, j'aime cette région tranquille et j'espère que vous partagerez ma passion.

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Private Tours

Mont Hakkoda et thermes Tsuta-onsen

(10) Reviews
by Hisashi
Le Mont Hakkoda est connu pour la sévérité de l'hiver couvert de neige profonde, mais également pour les nombreuses stations thermales de bonne qualité, do...
9.5 Hours US$ 294 up to 8 people

L'Oirase et le lac Towada

(10) Reviews
by Hisashi
Randonnée pédestre au long du fleuve Oirase (environ 7,5 km) et promenade au bord du lac Towada (l’excursion en bateau est possible). Goûtez au calme dans ...
11.5 Hours US$ 294 up to 8 people

Découverte de la ville d'Aomori

(10) Reviews
by Hisashi
Découverte de la ville d'Aomori, préfecture du département éponyme au nord du Japon. C'est une ville de 300 000 habitants avec port de pêche qui se trouve ...
8 Hours US$ 294 up to 8 people

Petite promenade au centre-ville d'Aomori

(10) Reviews
by Hisashi
Promenade au centre-ville d'Aomori, préfecture du département éponyme au nord du Japon. C'est une ville de 300 000 habitants avec port de pêche qui se trou...
3 Hours US$ 147 up to 15 people

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Reviews ( 10 )
Cheryl Cheryl Australia ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ A memorable tour ”

Hisashi offered our group a varied itinerary for seven hours in and around Aomori. Unfortunately the ship was unable to dock for several hours due to poor weather conditions. Hisashi and the driver waited till we eventually came ashore and modified the tour to ensure we saw as much as possible in our remaining time. We visited the Nebuta Museum Wa Rasse then drove through the countryside to Kuroishi where we strolled the picturesque 19th century Komise-Dori street and enjoyed a delicious local lunch. But the highlight of our day was the visit to the beautiful Hirosaki Castle Park where autumn foliage was at its peak and the scenery was further enhanced by the light dusting of snow. It was truly a memorable half day excursion and we could only imagine how much more perfect our day would hav... read more


Thank you for your kind review. Unfortunately, the weather was not fine and the tour was shortened, but I'm happy to hear that you were satisfied with the tour. I hope you will come again to see the cherry blossoms of Hirosaki in the springtime. Hisashi

Bob Bob United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ One of our worst guide experiences ever ”

I am writing the consensus opinions of the 12 members of our private tour group. The good points: 1 - The bus and bus driver were excellent 2 - Hisashi specifically went out of his way to get me in to see physician at the beginning of the tour to get a prescription for an essential medication of mine that I had forgotten to bring and get it filled First of all, he was late picking us up with the bus and driver. As a guide, he hardly ever spontaneously engaged the group to give us information. He was mostly non-communicative, and not particularly pleasant. ro deal with.We got info mostly only when we asked specific questions. He fell asleep in the bus on the way back from Hirosaki Castle. His fund of information also seemed quite poor for a licensed guide and native of Aomori.


Thank you for your feedback. I'll take it into consideration for future improvement.

Michael Michael United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ A day in Aomori ”

Our family enjoyed a full day in Aomori with Hisashi. We visited Sannai Maruyama ruins, watched Nebuta parade, saw Inakadate rice art, visited Kuroishi Komise Street, and shopped at A-Factory. Hisashi was very helpful and accommodating. We were able to change lunch plans and add in some shopping. It was a very busy but fun day in Aomori!


Thank you for your review. I hope you enjoyed the fireworks in the evening and you will come again to Aomori one day.

Kaye Kaye Australia ( Friends )
Very Good
1 year ago

“ Aomori highlights ”

We had a good day with Hisashi. His English is good and he is friendly and informative. We chose where we wanted to go and he organised it. We had lunch at a small restaurant with a variety of Japanese food. There was something to suit everyone and the food was good and inexpensive. We would recommend Hisashi.


Thank you for your review. I hope you will come again to Aomori one day.

Claudia Claudia United States ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ The perfect guide for the perfect port stop ....Aomori ”

Want to spend a memorable day in Aomori with the perfect guide? Then choose Hisashi! 3 couples (from America) spent the day touring this prefecture of Japan. Hisashi promised to save the cherry blossoms for us...and he kept his promise! The cherry trees surrounding Hirosaki Castle were unbelievable. We made a short visit to Seibien Garden and enjoyed a delicious "locals" lunch in Komise-dori. At our request, Hisashi took us to the Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum. We took too many photos of the beautiful cherry trees and had to cut short our visit to Sannai-Maruyama - the interesting, recently discovered archeology site. Make sure to allow plenty of time to explore the museum and the historical "dig" sites. At last, but not least, don't miss Nebuta Museum Wa Rasse. It was truly a highlight for u... read more


Thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate it very much. I hope you will come again to Aomori one day.