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I am a mother of 2 daughters, so hopefully I could finish the tour by 6pm. If you could give me a contact relatively earlier, I try to arrange my house chores and make night attend possible. Thank you.
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Cities where I can guide: Tokyo

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(21) Reviews
Hourly rate 34 USD Price up to 3 people
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Hi, I am an English speaking tour guide with national license. I love travelling overseas myself, which made me start my new career path as an interpretting tour guide in 2017 after 16 year's working at a publisher.

I have lived in Tokyo for 20 years. It has been always my joy to rediscover Tokyo, and sharing those fine tips with you is going to be my happiest monent. Let me help you create unforgettable memory by suggesting you from
casual canteens to hi-end restaurants, from traditional experience to modern activities, from sacred spots to romantic sites, and so on.

My idea is "Travel is a chance to streangthen togetherness among family, friends, and lovers." I truly got over my serious situations through travel, which I was saved by.
If you are thinking of a surprise gift during your stay to whom you are accompanying, please feel free to share your idea with me beforehand.

Just for information, I stayed in Malaysia for 2 months by summer homestay program for high-schoolers, and also studied in Hong Kong for half a year as a college exchange student. I am especially a big fan of Asian countries, but at the same time I have a strong longing for Western cultures.

Waiting for your contact. See you in Tokyo! (^_^)

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Private Tours

Meiji Jingu visit (a Shinto Shrine) and Harajuku walk

(21) Reviews
Meiji Jingu is one of the most famous tourist destinations both from overseas and Japan. On new year's day, an incredibly-long line of people to pray there...
3 Hours US$ 79 up to 3 people

Stroll in Japanese traditional gardens and Sushi in Tsukiji

(21) Reviews
This is a half day tour with 90 minutes walk in Japanese traditional garden(Hamarikyu) and Sushi hopping experience in Tsukiji outer-fish- market.
3.5 Hours US$ 79 up to 3 people

Shopaholics only! A wise purchase experience at fast fashion...

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Trend is so quickly changing and it is hard to stay fashionable with limited budget. Many Japanese youngsters are often making a smart shopping with full u...
3.5 Hours US$ 79 up to 3 people

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Reviews ( 21 )
Sal Sal United States ( Solo )
1 year ago

“ Even though the weather was bad as it rained all day but still managed to cover all the included sights ”

Namie was very patient, understanding, accommodating and helpful and explained all the details on the way


Hi, Sal. Thank you for walking with me in heavy rain today. Actually it was very cold and I can say it was an usual chill in November. Stay warm tonight and safe flight tommorow. Many thanks for cultural talk, gourmet talk, and so on. imd really enjoyed the two days with you!

Tom Tom United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Great tour with Namie! ”

We truly enjoyed our one-day tour Tokyo with Namie. She's knowledgeable, kind, and sweet person.We have learned some Japanese culture and history while enjoying the landscape and scenery. We highly recommend Namie.


Hi, Tom. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the tour. Both you and your wife truly made me feel relaxed during the tour, which brings me a happy up-tempo walk. You had several good purchases at Bic Camera and that was an opportunity for me to learn to show my future customers how to grab the best price of quality items. I try to cover these kinds of shopping for foreign travellers. Thank you Tom, your shopping experience makes me a better guide! Take care. Give my best regard to Mindy. Namie

Laetitia Laetitia Australia ( Solo )
1 year ago

“ Great time visiting onsen and fake food workshop ”

I had a really enjoyable time with Namie. I had organised to meet with the owner of a fake food workshop as part of a research trip and she translated our conversations perfectly. We also visited an onsen in Shinjuku which was really lovely, we had hot stone therapy and enjoyed the baths. Namie made sure I was comfortable and was great to chat with, we had a wonderful day together - it was like hanging out with a friend!


Hello, thank you for the review. I really enjoyed my Saitama trip with you and it was a precious experience in the factory. You perfectly understood the owner's idea and sense, which he was happy about. I′m proud of having an artist like you as my guest! Now I feel more familiar with artistic things than before all thanks to you. Keep creative, believe in your sense! Hope you′ll make many other works in the future. Glad to meet you!(^^)

Erena Erena New Zealand
1 year ago

“ Patient, incredibly kind and knowledgeable tour guide ”

I had the absolute pleasure of having Namie show me around various parts of Tokyo for 4 days during my stay in Japan. I’m back in my home country now and have already raved about her to so many family and friends. I am not a seasoned traveller but I did have some places I wanted to visit that weren’t the typical touristy type of spots so Namie helped put together an itinerary that reflected my requests while also adding in some familiar landmarks too. Namie was a pleasure from Day One. Patient and upbeat. She helped me navigate the subway and train system with ease and precision. We covered a lot of ground each day and yet she was always mindful of my energy levels and very considerate to take breaks. I would not hesitate to book Namie again. She is a wealth of knowledge, and quite si... read more


Hi, Erena. I'm happy to hear that you're back to normal self after the terrible pain (Again, my apology that I couldn't be there.). Finally you made a day trip to Kyoto next day, which I got surprised about. You're such a unique and strong traveller, always looking around local things and trying to get the most of Japan. Honestly I was blind of art and furniture before you showed me your preferences, and now I feel I have more choices to suggest to my future customers. Thank you for opening up my eyes, Erena. You stepped me up, you made me have more guiding tips of me! That was a milestone encounter for me. Please say hi to your husband. Have a happy summer season in NZ!

mike Mike United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Made a great friend while exploring Tokyo. ”

I came across TripleLights while looking for a rent-a-friend service and couldn't be happier with the results. Namie filled the role of friend, translator, tour guide, and good sport no matter what antics we had planned for the day. Namie did a good job preparing for the locations we intended to visit in Akihabara prior to meeting up (maid cafe, cosplay store, brandy bar, and art gallery). She may not of been an expert on them, but it didn't stop her from pointing out what factoids she could. Shortly into our 6 hour booking, she warmed up to our off-kilter sense of humor and sensed we were not looking for a tour guide, and simply wanted to spend time with a local. This was the magical moment when we discovered how warm and friendly Namie is, where I think she ended up having just as much f... read more


Mike, I was about to jump up from excitement because you gave me a five-star rate and best advertisement of me. You will surely make me get more customers′ bookings in the future. I appreciate it in advance! Each moment I spent with you, is really unforgettable for me, visiting art-focused places, jokeing at each other, having a sip of brandy...yes, exactly the way of friends passtime. I hope we can meet again someday in the future.


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