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Sakura and Chureito (Jan. 1, 2020)

by Yoko
Sakura also blooms during winter.  These are taken on New Years day last year 2020 near the foot of Chureito, Arakura Sengen Park.  Mount F...

Sakura at Asakusa

by Yoko
Jyugatsuzakura is blooming at Asakusa.  You can see three trees of them now.  If you cannot come next Spring, head for October or November. ...

SUMO is going on

by Yoko
The Sumo Tounaments will be held in Tokyo this year.http://sumo.or.jp/En/ You can see the box seats of four are used by one person each. T...

Olympic Village

by Yoko
 Where is the Olympic Village for 2021?  -----It is near the chimney of this picture at Harumi.  Behind it, there is the roof lawn garden of...

Spirited Away

by Yoko
 Have you seen the Ghibli movie Spirited Away?  There is a ryokan, Japanese inn, which looks like the Yuya at Shibu Onsen near Jigokudani ...

Baby monkeys at the Snow Monkey Park

by Yoko
After staying at Shibu Onsen, I visited Snow Monkey Park on June 26. I could see a lot of baby monkeys that day. The onsen is kept around ...

Irises at East Gardens (June 3, 2020)

by Yoko
East Gardens resumed on June 2 after it was closed for more than two months.  People came to see the irises.    

Tamanawazakuras are in full bloom in Kamakura (Feb. 21, 2020)

by Yoko
You can enjoy Tamanawazakura, cultivated at Ofuna Flower Center, in Kamakura. It blooms earlier and longer than Somei Yoshino, the major sa...

Kanzakuras welcome you at Ueno Park (Feb. 5, 2020)

by Yoko
Kanzakuras welcome you at Ueno Park.

Architecture Tour: 2020 Tokyo Olympics Main Stadium and Omotesando etc.

by Yoko
With one of the guests studying architecture, we visited some interesting architectures in Central Tokyo. Above is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics ...

Jyugatsuzakura (Dec. 26, 2019)

by Yoko
You dont have to wait till Spring to see Sakura (Cherry Blossoms).  Japanese love Sakura so much we have ones that bloom twice a year and s...

Beautiful Tokyo in December

by Yoko
The maple leaves are beautiful in Tokyo now. Tokyo has many beautiful Japanese gardens.  Why dont we explore them together?

Nikko (November 6, 2019)

by Yoko
Nikko is coming from 二荒 but it has the same sound with 日光 sunlight. Look how beautiful the sunlight made Nikko!!!!!

Tea Ceremony time!!

by Yoko
How about having tea ceremony?  You have Matcha with antique bowls hosted by a local family full of Japanese hospitality.  You can choose th...

Autumn Foliage at Nikko (October 24)

by Yoko
4 ton was falling down at Kegon Falls and making it look more gorgeous.  We could enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage on a weekday.    

Jyugatsuzakura is blooming at East Gardens and Ueno Park

by Yoko
Many people knows that Sakura blooms in Spring, but Japanese love the Sakura so much that there are some sakura which blooms in Fall, too.Th...

The View from Sky Deck of Tokyo City View in Roppongi

by Yoko
The view of Sky Deck of Tokyo City View is worth checking, isnt it?Below is the twilight of Shinjuku and Yoyogi.

A Big Parade of 1000 people will be held at Nikko World Heritage Area on May 18 & Oct. 17

by Yoko
A big parade with more than 1000 people will be held at Nikko this Saturday.   They dress like they did when they had the Shoguns funeral i...

Live Cameras of Mount Fuji

by Yoko
If you would like to see Mount Fuji, the most important thing is checking the WEATHER FORECAST. Moisture could prevent the sight of it, so ...

Pink Moss Festival is held at a mountainside 2 hours and 40 minutes away from Shinjuku by bus

by Yoko
Shibazakura Festival, Pink Moss Festival, is held at the northwest of Mount Fuji. It takes more than 2 hours and 40 minutes away from Shinj...

You still can see Sakura until the beginning of May in Tokyo

by Yoko
The petals of major Sakura named Somei Yoshino are starting to fall but we have other Sakuras starting to bloom.  We have a Ichiyo Sakura Ma...

You cannot travel easily from Hakone to Mount Fuji area

by Yoko
So many people think that they can easily go from Hakone to Lake Kawaguchiko area because both of the pictures have Mount Fuji in the backgr...

Mount Fuji on April 4

by Yoko
Mount fuji from the Lake Cruise.  I believe seeing Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchiko is much more beautiful than Hakone. You can see Sakura ...

Sakura Time!! (March 12, '19)

by Yoko
Its already Sakura time in Tokyo!!  Lets see the beautiful flowers together.

Sakura (March 9)

by Yoko
Lets see the early Sakura together!!

Winter is the best time to see Mount Fuji

by Yoko
          Winter is the best time to see Mount Fuji.  I took this picture on January 11.          

Keisei Skyliner is the fastest way to get to Tokyo area from Narita Airport

by Yoko
From Narita Airport, which is in the Southeast of Tokyo, Keisei Skyliner is the fastest way to get to Tokyo area.  I recommend you that you ...

The View from the Fifth Station of Mount Fuji is like being on the nose

by Yoko
Many people put the Fifth Station on their visiting list.If you go up to the Fifth Station, you could only see part of Mount Fuji like the p...

Sumo Wrestlers are not always in Tokyo

by Yoko
Some might think that if you come to Tokyo, you can see Sumo Wrestling, but that is not the case.Sumo tournaments are held in Tokyo in Janua...

Kanmangabuchi Abyss is not close to bus stops

by Yoko
Kanmangabuchi Abyss is not close to bus stops.   I visited there on November 7 with  young couple guests.  They were fast walkers, so we cou...

Beautiful Nikko again!! (Nov. 7 2018)

by Yoko
Even some red leaves fell, still Kirifuri Falls were quite beautiful.You can see crimson leaves in front of Rinnoji Temple and Taiyuin Templ...

Beautiful Nikko!!

by Yoko
Kegon Falls are not the only falls in the Nikko area.  These are Kirifuri Falls, ten minute bus ride from Tobu Nikko Station, on November 1....

Mt. Fuji is often shy

by Yoko
The poster images of Mount Fuji might make you feel that you can always see it, but she is quite shy. Recently for months, there was a cold...

Mt. Fuji's View from Tokyo, the Metropolitan City

by Yoko
On a clear day, you can see Mount Fuji from Tokyo with Shinjuku Buildings.  The twin tower is Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.  The w...

Lunch Options at Nikko

by Yoko
 Let me tell you about the food specialities at Nikko, World Heritage Site,   As there are Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, some of the...

Travel around Japan at Nihonbashi, Tokyo

by Yoko
Even you have only limited time in Japan,  you can see crafts from all over Japan at the Antenna shops at Nihonbashi, Tokyo. When I visited...

October Sakura started to bloom

by Yoko
Almost everybody knows that Sakura (Cherry) blooms in Spring, but there are also some which also  blooms in Autumn.These are Jyugatsu-zakura...

Cool Video by our British YouTuber Guests

by Yoko
We welcomed amazing Youtuber guests, Mr. Saunders Carmichael Brown and Mr. Phil Cooper,  from London in mid August.Heres the video of Saun...

Monorail is the easiest way to get to Tokyo/Shibuya/Shinjuku from Haneda Intl Airpor

by Yoko
Many guests use cabs from the Haneda International Airport to their hotels, but that will cost you a lot. The easiest and reasonable way is...

What are you expecting when you say you'd like to visit the "Imperial Palace?"

by Yoko
Many guests write that they would like to visit the Imperial Palace. Its totally different with the Buckingham Palace in London.   You can...

JAPAN RAIL PASS cannot be used for FUJIKYU RAILWAY, which goes to Lake Kawaguchi area

by Yoko
Many guests think that JR Passes cover all the railways in Japan, but they wont.JR is just one of the private train company, which used to ...

Nikko: There is no Shinkansen stop in Nikko

by Yoko
Some people think that JR Passes cover their way to Nikko.Well, you can use the Shinkansen to JR Utsunomiya for an hour and change to local ...

Sightseeing without carrying the suitcases:Takuhaibin/Takkyubin

by Yoko
Do you want to drag your suitcases during your sightseeing?   ------No way.   You dont have to.  Please check the below.http://www.sagawa-e...

Nikko is full of stairs

by Yoko
Nikko is full of steep stairs.  This is a picture of Rinnoji Sanbutsudo, which is a temple with Buddhist statues showing the origin of Nikko...

Imperial Palace Tour by the Imperial Household Agency: Only seeing some of the public buildings fro

by Yoko
The Imperial Palace is such a vast place with many trees that you cannot have a glimpse of the Imperial Residence near the Hanzomon.It diffe...

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