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Hi I'm Jun, a Licensed English Guide.

I love outdoor activities. I'm not an expert climber though, I enjoy hiking and climbing moderate mountains.

I live in Nara and I have to tell you that although Nara is quite close to a busy city like Osaka, you will see so much nature here.

So I would like to take you to the tours where you can enjoy a mixture of the culture and the nature.

As I'm a hiker, I may ask you to walk a lot but I'm sure that you will find those walks deserve.

Please let me be your guide and I believe I can show you Japan from a different angle.

I wish you enjoy every moment in Japan.

See you soon!


Franca I.

Oct 7, 2018

Walking through Nara’s Past

I was really happy with having chosen Jun from your selection of guides. Jun was able to take me back in time by showing me temples and old Nara-machi. You made my time in Nara so much more easier and less stressful, had I been on my own. Jun’s english is impeccable and he is able to understand your needs and being such a professional guide he knows where to take you and where the best photo shots can be taken. I loved that Jun was able to explain many of the intricacies with the religions and put things into perspective. I feel blessed to have had Jun as my guide. Jun was able to help me at the post office and finding out with transport. I feel I saw so much, did so much, walked so much. Nothing was too much trouble. From the manhoru’s to the Goshin cho, you made me very happy. Thank you, Ookini Jun.

Jun H.

Thank you Franca for such a warm and hearty feedback. It was so nice to walk around Nara's temples and shrines with you and I'm glad that we could make Nara-machi walk at the end of our tour! I hope you fill up your "Goshuin-cho" and come back to Nara with the new one soon. I wish you continue a safe and pleasant trip in Japan! Thank you again and see you!


Vidhu K.

Sep 14, 2018

Kind and Knowledgeable

He was very knowledgeable and understanding of our needs. He anticipated delays that could occur and warned me about it so I could plan my trip, which was very thoughtful?

Jun H.

It was my pleasure to meet you and your family especially Anika, your sweet daughter. It was also my great experience to talk to your parents, Krirshnan and Ambica. I wish you have a pleasant trip in Kyoto and Tokyo and hope to see you again.