Yoshihiro S.


Available Areas

Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Tokyo (Living), Kamakura, Hakone, Nikko, Yokohama, Narita, Mount Fuji



English, Japanese (Native)


Response Time

4 days on average


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Hi, my name is Yoshi. I’m 55 years old and National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. Now, I live in Inagi-city, Tokyo.

Before a guide, I have over 32 years experience of travel agencies. I’ve gone abroad as a tour leader for mainly Europe, middle and South America, middle and near East over 500 days.

Also, I’ve lived in New York and Amsterdam as being assigned abroad.

I’m sure I could be of some assistance for you as follows:

I was born and grew in Osaka and went to university in Kyoto.

I have unique humor of Osaka people because of living over 22 years in Osaka. Also, I went to university in Kyoto for 4 years.

I take pleasure in travelling together with Osaka People’s wit and I’m too happy to be a help of your preparation about Osaka and Kyoto where are your next destinations.

I’m a railway geek.

It’s essential to have a sufficient knowledge of public transportation like metro, JR and others when you try to roam around in Tokyo efficiently within your limited time.

You can enjoy your favorite charm in Tokyo with me without hustle and bustle.

I have a keen nose of finding out well restaurants and bars.

One of 1st. priority of my life is “eating and drinking”. I look forward to taking you to restaurants and bars suit your taste.

Incidentally, I love Thai cuisine which I taste in Bangkok every autumn and Sauviginon Blanc of white wine in Marlborough, New Zealand.