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I used to live in Canada and USA for more than 10 years as an expatriate of a subsidiary of my company in Japan. During my staying in North America I have had the guts to speak English. Why? Because I originally got a cold sweat so many times on my business. But after a period of time, I got rid of its difficult situations. Since then I haven't felt afraid of speaking English, furthermore I have been enjoying to communicate with local people. I would like to help you all people around the world to visit Japan.

There were two main reasons why I would like to be a national guide. First of all, I found pleasure in talking with people who live in a different culture. I like intercultural communication very much. And secondly, I would like to increase Japanese fans in the world as many as possible through letting them taste Japanese culture, history, nature, and food as much as possible. I have visited all of Japanese National parks and most of the World heritage sites in Japan.

Until now, I projected plans and worked in guide business at small scale such as in Nikko - a world heritage site and a national park area, or in Mashiko - one of the most famous pottery towns. From now on, I would like to expand the business on a frequent basis such as Ashikaga - an oldest academic city in Japan, Tochigi - an old warehouse and commercial city. If you like, I can prepare bicycles. I hope you join us.

My guide policy is "To guide kindly, politely, safely, and happily with good faith".

This URL below is a Slide-Show I made including places where I traveled around Japan. It will help your travel to Japan. I hope you enjoy it. Just click it, and the show will start automatically in about 20 seconds.



Mashiko one of the most famous pottery towns - Walking or Cycling Tour

8 hours

Mashiko prospered as the typical pottery town of Japan has become one of the most famous pottery town along with Hagi, and Oribe. Currently there are 250 potteries and more than 50 pottery stores. And the town produced a lot of famous artists such as Shoji Hamada who was the first living national treasure of Japan, and Tatsuzo Shimaoka who was also a living national treasure.

FROM$279/ per group

Nikko Walking Tour at the World Heritage Site.

8 hours

This tour is walking around the site of the World Heritage, such as Nikkosan Rinno-ji Temple, Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Nikko Futarasan Jinja Shirine, Rinno-ji Taiyuin Temple dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu the first shogunate of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Each spot has several tourist attractions. There are many beautiful historic buildings, monuments, and sculpture which were built about 400 years ago.

FROM$279/ per group

Tokyo Historical Artistic Tour by public transportation such as bus and subway

9 hours

Visit Japanese historical art museums by public transit system such as buses and subway lines. They are Ota Memorial Ukiyo-e MUseum, Isehan-Honten Beni (Rouge) Museum, and The Japan Folk Crafts Museum. And introduce locations of new big museums such as The National Art Center, Suntory Museum of Art, Mori Art Museum or Nezu Museum based on your time after enjoying three museums.

FROM$279/ per group

Tochigi city a little Edo & warehouse town.

8 hours

To visit well preserved historical buildings, streets and museums, to ride a river-boat tour, and to experience making traditional Japanese sweets.

FROM$279/ per group

UtsunomiyaーA monument of a quarry, Temple, and a large statue of a Deity of Mercy

8 hours

Visit one of the largest quarry of stones in Japan, Oya-ji Temple where a large stone statue which is more than 1000 years old is located. And a stone statue of a Deity of Mercy with a height of 27meters. It's possible to take one day trip from Tokyo to here. But I recommend to stop here on your way to Nikko-The world Heritage site, if you can spend one more day around here.

FROM$279/ per group

Ashikaga city ー The Flower Park, Kurita Ceramic ware Museum, Ashikaga Gakko, Banna-ji Temple

8 hours

To visit the Ashikaga Flower Park which is world's famous for its wisteria which was introduce by CNN, The Kurita Ceramic Ware Museum, Ashikaga Gakko which is the oldest academy in Japan, and Banna-ji Temple which was a family temple of the Ashikaga Shogunate.

FROM$279/ per group



Joshua K.

Jun 20, 2019

Good tour guide

Amazing and helpful

Akio S.

Thank you very much. Have a safe trip! And I hope your future will be safe and healthy.


Wiliam T.

Apr 12, 2019

One day tour of Tokyo.

We are glad to have Akio as our guide to show us the nice and interesting places in Tokyo. Akio is very patient and never rush us. He told us some history and what is interesting about the places we saw. Without Akio, it would be very difficult for us to go around the subway stations in Tokyo. Thank you Akio.

Akio S.

Thank you very much for your comments. I greatly appreciated you telling me that.