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Hello! How are you? Thank you for checking out my profile. There are many attractive places in Kochi. You can tell me what you are interested in to get some recommendations or to arrange a custom tour to suit your interests.

My name is Yuki. On weekdays I work at a national facility to help researchers. And on the weekends I work as a paid/unpaid volunteer, interpreter or tour guide as my hobby on the side. I was born in Nara prefecture and also lived in Osaka for awhile. I moved to Kochi about 10 years ago after I graduated from university. Since then I've been enjoying this local area a lot. It has a completely different atmosphere from other big cities, the food is really fresh and people are happy to take time to help you.

My certifications:

Japanese calligraphy master(Chinese literature style only), occupational therapist, librarian, social education director.

Guide experiences:

Tour for pilgrims visiting the 7 temples around Kochi.

Guide for visitors interested in Yosakoi dance shows, fireworks, geisha entertainment, Kochi castle, Kobe beef restaurants, autumn leaf viewing...etc.

Interpreter experiences:

Tea field management and guide around tea fields and around Hidaka village.

Interpreted for a class for university international students about temple guidance and buddhism.

Kochi castle entrance interpreter.

Tourist information interpreter...etc

*What you can enjoy in Kochi (custom tour e.g.):

Middle/East Kochi:

Kokubunji temple

Japanese knife shop

Noichi Ryoma history museum

Shiba dog cafe

Central Kochi:


Fish market at Kokadai (every first Saturday of the month)

Cooking Japanese dishes

Temple yoga

West Kochi:

Ino paper museum

Niyodo tea field and cafe

Muroto area:

Dolphin center

Japanese traditional doll festival (2/28/2019-3/3/2019)

Botanical garden


If you would like to go to good restaurant, please select one of the following types and message me. I’ll check if there are any tables available, and I'll give you the details and cost.

Tofu kaiseki

Fancy tempura kaiseki

Kaiseki with geisha dance entertainment

Izakayas where you can enjoy local foods and talk to the locals.


*What’s “Kaiseki?”: “Kaiseki" is a style of Japanese traditional course meal. But it is not cheap like ramen or udon (these look like junk foods in comparison). During the Kaiseki meal course you can enjoy some Japanese homemade foods such as "chawanmushi" or "nimono". If you want to try what real Japanese people eat to keep their bodies healthy, here you go.


Thank you for choosing to visit Japan. I love Japan a lot, so it would be pleasure to help you understand our language and culture. Looking forward to seeing you soon.