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Hello. I am Japanese and please call me Masa.

I was born and raised in Nagano and moved to Tokyo to study for 6 years(Master of Science in Chemistry). Later, I stayed in Denmark, Philippine, Bangladesh, and Taiwan for studying and working.

Currently, I'm back at University in Kyoto.

So far, I often guided my international friends so that I know well about local food, restaurants, nature, and sightseeing spots.

Also, I have a qualification to teach Japanese martial arts such as Kendo and Kyudo. I can tell you a REAL Japanese culture about what Samurai is.

My current major is medical nursing. I love playing and taking care of the kids. I also had the experience to work at kindergarten as a volunteer ever.

Thank you for watching my introduction.



Lorraine S.

Jan 8, 2020

Loved Kyoto

Had a lovely time with Masa, the samurai museum/ninja school was the high light for our family, then a lovely lunch and leisurely walk to the temple complex . Masanao gave a good commentary and answer all our questions, wonderful day

Masanao H.

Thank you for the nice message. I was glad your family, especially kids, could experience one of Japanese culture through a real activity at the Samurai/Ninja museum. I also had a lovely time with your all family members and I was moved by the smile of kids. That was such a nice moment for me as a guide. Thank you for your family visiting Japan for the first time. Kind Regards, Masa.


Norine H.

Jan 6, 2020

Masanao, organized an outstanding Japanese food tasting and market tour

My daughter and I got to sample a perfect Japanese lunch at a reasonable cost of around Y500 to Y1,000 per person. The restaurant catered to seafood, meat and vegetarian tastes. Next we sampled Kyoto desserts, such as " Warabi Mochi, Taiyaki and Shitatani. Beautifully made. Out walking at Shin-kyougoku (2nd oldest market in Kyoto) and Nishiki fish market gave us the sense of the wonderful Japanese culture. We finished by travelling to famous Gion area, viewing the temples and shrines along the way. He answered all our questions thoughtfully and clearly. Great tour! Thank you Masanao! Will reserve with TripleLights again for our next trip.

Masanao H.

Thank you very much for the comment giving me more motivation for this job. Through this tour, I was so glad that we talked about a variety of topics like how Canada is, how Norine and Rebecca lead a life, and of course our tour. And when you could find delicious foods, I'm super happy I could look at your smiles. That was such a nice moment for me as a tour guide. Thanks to meet your family, I also got more motivation to go studying in Canada. I'm not sure my future result though, I'll do my best. Thank you for giving me nice memories for me. I hope your family spends a lot of happiness and comes here again. Kind regards, Masanao.