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Hello! Welcome to "Mini Japan", Sado Island!

On Sado Island you can enjoy the beautiful sea with the rugged coast line, lush forest, fresh seafood, delicious Sake, rich history and unique culture etc...

In short, Sado offers you so many things and that's why Sado is called "Mini Japan"!

Let's explore this amazing island together!

My name is Kyohei and have moved to Sado Island in 2018 after having traveled overseas.

I traveled and worked in New Zealand and in Switzerland as a hiking guide. But after some years of traveling, I came to want to live in a place with the nature and moved to Sado, where my ancestors used to run a Ryokan and brew soy sauce.

You can enjoy many outdoor activities such as Sea kayaking in the clear sea and hiking in the primary forest with huge cedar trees. Also there are many important temples and shrines, so the atmosphere of the good old Japan still remains on Sado.

It might be the best charm of Sado Island that you can see people living with the nature and inheriting Sado's traditional culture and customs.

Are you interested in the nature, culture and history of Sado Island?

Let's discover this fascinating island together!

Feel free to contact me and I will arrange an itinerary for you.