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My name is Svetlana which means "Light" in Russian. When I was 7 I learnt a new word - "to enlighten" and for some reason I thought that my destiny in life was to enlighten people. My 1st victim was my little brother who had to learn to read at the age of 4. Needless to say that I am a teacher by my 1st diploma. After 10 years at school I decided that I had gained enough experience to stick to adults:)) So, here I am giving tours to everybody who is ready to listen to them and I will be happy to share with you the stories I know about this beautiful city.


Faberge museum and its precious gems

Saint Petersburg City
1.5 hours

Faberge museum is not only famous "Eggs"... It is a history of the Jewelry in Imperial Russia, diplomatic gifts,icon-painting and frame craft, and much more...

FROM$113/ per group

The main museum of Russia - Hermitage

Saint Petersburg City
3 hours

Hermitage is one of the largest and most beautiful museums in the world. It boasts having approximately 3mln(!) of exhibits located in several buildings. If you stand in front of each of them for a minute only you will need over 6 years:)) So, during the tour we will see only the best of the best: masterpieces by da Vinci, Raphael, Rubens, Rembrandt... We will also walk along magnificent halls of the museum which produce an unforgettable impression on everybody who enters them!

FROM$225/ per group

A walking tour to Peter-and-Paul's Fortress

Saint Petersburg City
2 hours

I'll take you to the birth-place of St.Petersburg - Peter-and-Paul's Fortress.We will not only see the fortress from the outside but wander inside it as well. During the tour you will get to know why that exactly the place was chosen by Peter the Great to protect the newly founded town from the Sweds. We will see and talk about the buildings constructed inside the walls of the fortress.Visiting Peter-and-Paul's cathedral we will see the tombs of Peter the Great and the rest of the Romanovs.

FROM$150/ per group

The Highlights of St.Petersburg (a walking tour)

Saint Petersburg City
3 hours

During the tour we will walk along Nevskiy - the main street of the city, see and talk about the most famous sights of St.Petersburg: St.Isaac's Square, the Church of our Saviour on the spilt blood, Palace square, the spit of Vasilyevskiy island and much more...

FROM$225/ per group

Catherine's Palace in Tsar's Village with the Amber Room

Saint Petersburg City
5 hours

So much has been said about stunning Catherine's Palace! About its gorgeous interiors and beautifully designed parks! Why not to come and see everything with your own eyes? One of the most famous Romanov's summer residences along with the luxurious Amber room are waiting for you!

FROM$375/ per group

Online Tour:The Highlights of St.Petersburg (a walking tour)

Saint Petersburg City
1 hour

Live streamed tour!Me downtown St.Petersburg and you in another country.Why to give up your idea of visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world! All you need is the Internet connection (Skype or What'sUp account) and the access to audio and video.There are so many amazing places to go to and so much to see and learn about in St.Petersburg that it's impossible to do everything within 1 hour.So,choose any route below or customize any of them in accordance with your own interests.

FROM$75/ per person