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Hello from Wonderful Copenhagen!

My name is Eliana. I'm originally from South America but have been living in Denmark for more than a decade. Most of this time I have worked as a tourist guide for English and Spanish-speaking guests.

The geographical area I cover is Copenhagen and its surrounding areas. On one of my tours, you will not only see the sights and learn the historical facts of a place, but you will also hear about daily life and cultural aspects of Denmark from my personal, local point of view.

Besides being passionate and knowledgeable about everything Danish, my other passion is energy awareness. But what is "energy awareness"?

That is basically recognizing that:

1) Everything is energy

2) Our actions, words, thoughts, and emotions are the personal energy that shapes our lives.

Learning to work with that personal energy - by using body movements, meditation, and awareness- enables us to live a more meaningful existence.

Thanks to these two passions I have (Denmark + Energy), you can choose between going with me on a traditional sightseeing or taking an energy awareness tour. These two types of excursions can be offered both in English or Spanish and many of them can also be done as online experiences.

When booking a tour with me -no matter if it's an online excursion or a real-life one, a traditional sightseeing experience, or an energy awareness tour-, you will always get a tour with souvenirs included: insights, resources, or tools that can entertain you after the tour or that even have the potential to improve your everyday life.


Copenhagen's 8-house Insiders Virtual Tour

2 hours

Experience the giant 8-house, 476 apartments in one building which makes the place more a neighborhood than a building. Truly a great example of the modern and groundbreaking architecture of today’s Denmark. In the first hour of the tour, I’ll take you sightseeing using Google Earth and online material. After that, we will use the next hour either on a live tour of one of the apartments or a Q&A session about the 8-house, Copenhagen or Denmark. Up to you!

FROM$289/ per group

Copenhagen's Harbor - Bridging the joy in your energy

4 hours

Every year, Denmark is ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. Through a unique combination of mindful strolling, energy medicine exercises and learning about our subtle energies, we will activate our joy from within while experiencing first hand what makes Copenhageners happy.

FROM$532/ per group

Tour Exclusivo Virtual de la 8-house en Copenhague

2 hours

La 8-house es un edificio en forma de lazo, ejemplo de la arquitectura moderna e innovadora de Dinamarca. Este gigante, con 476 viviendas, parece más bien un vecindario ubicado en un solo edificio. Te llevaré de paseo usando Google Earth y material disponible en internet, podrás apreciar las características arquitectónicas y sociales del lugar, disfrutar de vistas exclusivas e incluso conocer por dentro -en vivo- uno de los departmentos de la 8-house.

FROM$289/ per group

8-house Energy Awareness Tour

2 hours

All is energy -stated Einstein- and that includes ourselves. The human energy field contains a lot of figure 8s, so what a better place for an introduction to energy awareness than the 8-house in Copenhagen. In the first part of the tour, we will use Google Earth to explore the building and learn about energy through practice. The second part of the tour will be interactive where you can see more of the building, learn more about energy or combine both options :)

FROM$289/ per group