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Hi there traveller!

To start (my introduction) facts from my past: started working long ago in video game development area, transitioned into being full stack developer, did some 3d design works, worked in marketing and SEO, studied international relations (didn't finish), worked some time for EU commision.

Now doing all my best to shift my IT reality and work with people!

The walking tours I offer are of my own research, which is not your average reading wikipedia facts while looking at building façades. I am a self-made citizen of this country and city which I love and willing to share so that visitors have more profound vision of what this city is. I think also is a benefitial advantage I speak 5 languages and have enough experience of traveling to easily connect with travellers establishing cultural bridge ( or whatever you may call that "phenomena" ) ! I have been doing this as a part-time, with the word being spread through my network of contacts, and I would love to go further so that it becomes something deeper, not once-a-week.

So far I am offering a tour which I would classify cultural-historic and my knowledge allows me do different paths with modification of principal story more to this or that aspect (for example focusing on masons, or prominent historical character). One is a shorted fast glimpse walk by Lisbon's hills into how started Portugal and Lisbon, another is a day tour where I can take you to different interesting places expanding story of past centuries.

For day tour I am planning to partner up with another local business to do transfers out of central city region.

My other activity is psychological counselling. I am planning to do tours 4 days a week, 4-5 depending on how my other activity is going.



Mark B.

Jun 18, 2022

Great guide!

Slava is very smart, personable and attentive. He most interested in the quality of his tour customer’s experience! I would recommend his tour services! Mark B.


Thank you very much Mark! Enjoy Porto! Pleasure for other guides to have a guest like Mark 8)


Philip W.

Apr 8, 2022

Personalized Tour

Slava did a great job preparing a tour customized to meet our needs, constantly adjusting the presentation to our desires. He offered historical information about downtown Lisbon, suggested less “touristy” sites and also assisted us with the logistics of navigating Lisbon on our own. The amount of time he spent with us and the information he provided far exceeded our expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend a walking tour of Lisbon with Slava to anyone.


It was a real pleasure to do a tour for Philip and Angie! I hope Lisbon visit brought to you many interesting surprises, and hope you enjoy other corners of Portugal, discovering regional names for 'abatanado' coffee :)