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Hello! I'm Kyoko. I am a National licensed tour guide and a licensed teacher for junior and high schools. I also have a licensed manager of itinerary.

I was born in Kyoto, that's why my name is Kyoto's child (Kyo Ko). And I had chances to live in Kyoto, Nara,Tokyo, and Lima,Peru. Now I live with my husband in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture which is next to Tokyo. Kanagawa prefecture is as nice as Tokyo, with Kawasaki city, Yokohama city, Kamakura city and so on.

My hobby is wearing kimono, enjoying tea ceremony,exercising through yoga and aerobics. Kimono is a Japanese beautiful national costume, and you can try it on only in Japan. So, if you'd like to try it on , maybe I can help you. Let me know your request.

Japan has a long history in which many good things and sad things happened. I want to walk in our country with you while helping you understand our country and us. Let's enjoy together!!


*This guide lives in Yokohama. It is recommendable you book a hotel in 60~70 minutes range which are Shinjuku , Shibuya, Omotesando, Aoyama , Nagatacho (Akasaka), Ginza , Shinbashi and at most Ootemachi (Tokyo).



Free Tour In Tokyo wherever you like

6 hours

You can choose 3 or 4 areas you like below . *Imperial palace eastern garden and Marunouchi *Asakusa: Kaminarimon gate, Sensouji temple *Tokyo Sky tree *Tokyo Tower *Roppongi *Omotesando : High-end brand shops' walking and Meiji-jingu shrine *Ginza :High-end brand shops' walking *Hamarikyu Japanese garden & Sumida river cruse *Odaiba : future seaside areas ...or more...

FROM$215/ per group

One day trip to Hakone

12 hours

You can enjoy one day trip to Hakone by using Hakone oneday pass and Romance car. Hakone is one of the closest hot spring spot from Tokyo and also has beautiful nature and culture. You can visit many parks, museums , shrines , touring spots and watch Mt.Fuji if weather permits.

FROM$322/ per group

Hamarikyu Japanese garden, Sumida river cruse and Plus one

6 hours

In the morning, we enjoy Hamarikyu Garden which is one of Tokyo's most beautiful garden. Then we have Sumida river cruse from there. In the afternoon, We enjoy the downtown area of Asakusa. You can taste Tokyo's unique food Monja-yaki and Okonomiyaki or of course sushi and tempura here as lunch. From here, you can choose any place you want to go to as much as time allows.

FROM$215/ per group

Imperial Palace Eastern Garden and Asakusa & Tokyo Sky Tree

6 hours

*Walk in Imperial Palace Eastern Garden and learn the difference between Shogun and Emperor.*Have lunch in front of Tokyo station*Visit Asakusa , Kaminarimon, Nakamise shopping street and Sensoji temple*Climb up Tokyo Sky Tree which is 634 meters high.(This can omit and change different plans you like)*Enjoy shopping either Ginza or Omotesando.

FROM$215/ per group

Cherry blossoms tour in Imperial Palace and Japanese garden

6 hours

You can enjoy hundreds of cherry blossoms in the precinct of Imperial Palace and Japanese garden (Roppongi or Kourakuen garden) where you can enjoy tea ceremony. After enjoying full blossoms of cherry trees, you can choose your lunch from tens thousands of restaurants such as sushi, tendon(rice bowl with sweet tempra) , Teppanyaki and so on. Let's enjoy together in one spring awesome day!

FROM$215/ per group

Temples and flowers' tour in Kamakura

7 hours

Kamakura had been the olden capital which was the first samurai government built 800 years ago. There are not only a lot of temples and shrines but also many historical atmosphere remained. Further more, Kamakura is surrounded by mountains and sea which made it a natural fort, which means you can easily enjoy nature, flowers and gardens. You can taste special seafood like Shirasu bowls. So nice!

FROM$230/ per group



Adale C.

Dec 19, 2022

Great Trip

Kyoko san is very patient and planned the trip so well that we can cover everything. We can just follow her without worrying on the timing needed to catch the various transport. Other than the details of the trips, she also shared with us a lot on Japanese culture. It made the whole trip to be very fulfilling and fun. Not just a touristic trip but educational too.

Kyoko K.

Thank you very much for writing me such a wonderful review, Adale san! I was really happy to be able to walk you and your awesome son. You are not only a very good mother who cares your child very well but also very kind to me. Because of your consideration, I could enjoy special Japanese Mochi cake and hot drink Amazake which warmed my body and spirit. It is especially unforgettable memory for me to have soaked our feet in Onsen hot spring at Hakone Open Air museum. At the end, going back from Gora station to Shinjuku in a dark train was a little adventure because of our late departure but also unforgettable. I am the person who really appreciate for your patience. Please tell thank you for your family from me. Hoping to seeing you again someday in the near future!!


Alexandria C.

Oct 6, 2022

We can’t wait to go back!

As it was our first time visiting Tokyo, we felt we needed a tour guide to help us out. We were so lucky to have found Kyoko, she was so sweet, funny, and knowledgeable. She was always accommodating to our group of five so that we were able to see all the sights that were on our list. Even when we had last minute changes, she didn’t hesitate to adjust our schedule. Kyoko made us feel so comfortable and welcome, we will definitely be booking with her again whenever we can go back. Thank you Kyoko!

Kyoko K.

Thank you very much for your wonderful review, Alex. I am the very lucky to have been chosen by you. I really appreciate your 6 days' booking here again. You and your husband Luis are very kind to your family members and took great care of them. I didn't need to worry too much about the others because you always checked where they could join later or vice versa. It was so sorry that you couldn't go to Old Capital Kamakura this time , but I believe you will come back again with your parents and children soon. Looking forward to meeting all of you again in the near future!

Cyril A.

Aug 10, 2022

Very helpful, friendly and resourceful guide

Kyoko san was on a challenge with us as we were only in Tokyo for the night before leaving Japan very early the next morning. In these times of hardcore covid restrictions she has been like a guardian angel for my family and I. She assisted us the best she could to make our short visit a delight despite the fatigue of the trip. Thanks to her we managed to visit a few things and eat a delicious meal and we loved it so much, we promised ourselves to come back to Japan for a real long visit next time. Thank you so much Kyoko san!!!

Kyoko K.

Thank you very much for your very kind and sweet review, Cyril san. During your tour, I made you more tired even though you had already been so tired. I was too hasty on the day and tried to do so many things just in a short time but failed. I wanted to know your family especially your awesome three sons and show you the beauty of the Imperial Palace which was too dark maybe due to the infuluence of power saving . (Not only the Imperial Palace , the night was much darker than usual . Due to Corona ? the russian special operation ?) I am really grateful for you and your family's kindness and patience. Please enjoy your journey in France fully and make a lot of nice memories with Lisa san and your sons. I hope I can see you again soon and make a better tour for you! It's me to say thank you, Cyril san!!


Lorelei M.

Jan 5, 2021

Wonderful Kamakura Tour

Kyoko was an absolute delight! I asked her to provide a customized Kamakura tour with Kimono. While I was comfortable touring Kamakura on my own, I wanted to make it a cultural tour where I didn't feel like a tourist in a kimono. Kyoko was kind enough to arrive in a kimono of her own, so it felt like we were a pair of friends out for some sightseeing. Kyoko met me at the kimono rental shop and helped me make some decisions with my Kimono. Once I was dressed we took some pictures together. Fortunately Kyoko is talented with how to take photos and help her clients pose for shots. She has a great eye and she took pictures of me at each place we went ! We started at a temple where I could pick up a beautiful goshuin-cho (shrine/temple book) and I got my first shrine stamp in it there. We visited some of the greatest temples in kamakura and the timing was fantastic, since there were still amazingly colored fall leaves. I wanted to have my first tea ceremony while in my kimono and I jumped at the first chance. Kyoko stepped in and asked me to wait for the ideal place and she was right to do so. I had a wonderful tea ceremony experience at the next temple and Kyoko guided me through the experience. We did lunch together at a place of her own suggestion and we ate some delicious classic Japanese food. We did some shopping on the main shopping street in Kamakura and made certain to get some tasty Japanese confectionary and famous Kamakura cookies. Kyoko brought me back to the kimono shop at the end of our phenomenal day. I was sorry to see it end, but it was a memorable and worthwhile experience.

Kyoko K.

Thank you very much for your amazingly long and wonderful review! Your review is just like a travel report by a famous writer!! As you mentioned, I decided to wear my kimono to your tour. Because I thought I won't be able to know your comfortable walking pace if I had not been wearing it. Some people seemed surprised because two women clad in Kimono were chatting in English. It was fun! You looked perfect with a colorful red kimono. I am sure we could give a nice impression to people in Kamakura. Kimono and Kamakura is the best combination. I hope I can meet you again in the near future. Please be cautious against the new corona virus or any other!