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Hello, I am Chiaki. I have been living in the central Tokyo area for more than 30 years with my family. I love history, art, architecture and dining, and I am pleased to share my expertise and knowledge as a local and professional. While I was in the UK, I started to look at Japan as an outsider. I found how interesting and attractive Japanese culture is, including its history, art, cuisine, etc, which has made me a guide-interpreter.

Tokyo is one of the world's biggest cities with an interesting mix of tradition and innovation, skyscrapers and gardens, artworks and technology, and so on. It is also a paradise for foodies. Tokyo has all of such things in a very efficient and compact manner with a friendly entrance and a lot of complexity behind. You can enjoy Tokyo for only half a day, but years might not be enough at the same time.

I was born and brought up in Izumo, a historic countryside in the west of Japan, and I lived in the UK as well, but I spent more than half of my life here in Tokyo. It means I know Tokyo very much, but I can look at it from various perspectives. I am pleased to share my understanding based on professional expertise, not only on Tokyo but also Japan, with my new friends from all over the world! I’m always here to support you enjoy Tokyo and Japan!



Paddy C.

Apr 8, 2018

Excellent host and wonderful hospitality

I got in touch with Chiaki about 3 months prior to visit. She was extremely responsive, patient and very clear in her articulation. She helped me plan the visit including advice on which area in Tokyo to stay, JR Pass v/s daily tickets, suggestions on places to visit specific to my area of interest, veg food options, wifi routers for rentals and so many other topics, wifi router for rentals. In fact her initial help on these areas even gave me the confidence to travel to Japan- Much as I wanted to visit Japan, I was confounded initially and the prospect of travelling to Japan solo seemed daunting but gradually it seemed more and more manageable thanks to Chiaki. I must mention that Chiaki's approach was not commercially oriented and I believe she spent a lot of time doing research on several subjects such as those described above. I deeply appreciate her efforts especially given that these were above and beyond what the engagement strictly required. From the time we met, she came prepared with a list of things to do, do's and dont's based on my needs or preferences, important info about cherry blossom dates and the status of blooms in the various gardens (cherry blossoms was my main area of interest), and recommended gardens where cherry blossoms were still in full blooms stage such that we avoided or spent less time where the petals had begun to fall. Her suggestions were excellent and I got to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo where the blooms were at their best at that time. I spent just about two days with her, and in this short time she helped me get acquainted with everything essential for me to travel independently rest of the days in Japan- about navigating the public transport system, helping me get and later charge further the suica (prepaid) card, coin lockers, wifi router etc. Chiaki is extremely professional, punctual, kind, patient, cheerful, trustworthy and and her English language communication skills are excellent with little to no trace of accent. She is very easy to talk to, accessible throughout and in fact offered advice and help even after I left Tokyo and while I was in Kyoto and in planning my train trip from Tokyo to Kyoto and back. I consider myself fortunate to have met Chiaki through Triple Lights- I carry back very pleasant memories of my time in beautiful Japan and much credit for this goes to Chiaki.

Chiaki K.

Thank you very much for joining my tour and I am really happy to know that you enjoyed the time with me! I also really enjoyed being with you. Actually, thanks to you, I had a great opportunity to see so many beautiful cherry blossom and have lunch under the full-bloom cherry trees, which I believe is far more than average Tokyo residents could do this year. Thank you very much for taking your time in this warm message! Whenever you come to Tokyo, please feel free to contact me.

Yick wei N.

Dec 29, 2017

Local food & shopping at Nakano Sun Mall

We booked a 3-hour short tour with Chiaki as we wanted to try out some local "street food" after our visit to Ghibli museum. At first we suggested Shimbashi based on some online reviews, but Chiaki took the initiative to visit the site and gave us a couple of alternative suggestions, since Shimbashi is more for the working class and less suitable for family with kids. Eventually we decided on Nakano Sun Mall - turned out that my daughter was keen to check out the gigantic soft serve at Daily Chiko, which was located near Nakano Broadway. We had a good time shopping for snacks in the area! Chiaki was friendly and gave us some really helpful insights!

Chiaki K.

Hello. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the time with me. Though it was a short tour, I also enjoyed escorting a knowledgeable nice couple with lovely girls in addition to location hunting for the tour! Please contact me whenever you come to Tokyo. I will introduce some more tasty foodie places for you! Thank you!