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Hi, my name is Naoko. I was born and raised in Saga on Kyushu Island. I'm very familiar with many sightseeing spots and attractions of the Kyushu area thanks to my long term life experience here.

I love traveling, in which I can experience the local cultures. It is a pleasure to find hidden spots where only local people are familiar. Please contact me and join my tour, if you are tired of city tours!

Depending on your interests, I will guide you historical sites, cultural places, handicraft studios and so on.

In my private life, I am a mom of two children (a daughter and a son). I would like to talk about an ordinary Japanese family life if you like.

I'm looking forward to seeing you, spending a wonderful time with you. See you soon!    


Sorry, I am not available now.



Alice W.

Nov 27, 2019

A wonderful half day and the unexpected opportunity to take cast a vote for the most beautiful obi design competition

We spent a very fruitful 4 and a half hour with Nao as we learned so much from her and it surprised me to learn how much Chinese, Japanese and Korean cultures have borrowed and learned from each other - becoming richer and more unique in the intervening centuries. As we were on a cruise, time management was a critical issue so we restricted our sightseeing to the Hakata district and enjoyed the walk as well as snacks which we tried at Nao's suggestion. She's flexible and very helpful, going out of the way to help me look for some dried Sakura shrimps - unfortunately with no success. We highly recommend anyone visiting Fukuoka and is on a time crunch to do a half day walking tour with Nao.

Nao I.

Thank you so much for such a great review, Alice! I am very glad to have accompanied you and your husband. The design competition in the traditional temple was amazing! Thanks to you, I also learned Chinese cultures such as tea, characters and so on. I hope you could find nice dried Sakura shrimps in Tokyo. I hope you would come to Japan again in the cherry blossom season and enjoy watching Sumo. Thank you again and take care! Nao


Shaun H.

Nov 11, 2019

An angel detective

My husband and I had a simple request: could we hire a guide to escort us to an area near Kumamoto where his grandparents lived before immigrating to the US? We just wanted to see the home place and feel what it was like.Thanks to Nao’s research and contacts, we ended up not only seeing homes and burial sites of my husband’s ancestors, but meeting relatives who presently live on his grandparents’ home site! It was a magical day, one we will never forget. Nao’s translation skills were so valuable to us, but she offered so much more, including kindness and enthusiasm and a genuine interest in making our family’s connection. My husband now knows the place where his grandparents lived and is so happy to learn that his cousins are still making it a family home. Nao was our Sherlock Holmes! We also call her an angel because of her thoughtfulness and respect for privacy in negotiating the connections with our relatives. Just think! We were all unknown to each other until a few days ago! We, and our extended family in the US, owe many thanks to Nao!

Nao I.

Dear Shaun-san, Thank you very much for the review that couldn't be better! I am certain that I have been blessed with good opportunities and nice people. They supported us to connect the dots. And most of all, your passion lead us to the happy gathering. I was so happy to see you, your husband and your relatives meet, smile and talk, feeling the beautiful family ties and thinking of your great ancestors. I should be the one thanking you! I wish you a fun and fruitful time for the rest of your trip and I hope you visit Japan again for the next adventure in the near future!! Thank you again for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!